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Adrian S
01-22-2016, 09:39 PM
Seeking an outstanding artist/ collaborator for a graphic novel I'm writing. I'm looking to start the project by producing 10 to 12 full color pages w pencils & inks, etc.

The project is a tough chase story that takes place in the depression-era midwest, with scary villains and brave heroes, (and strong female characters!) It has an element of sci-fi/ fantasy to it as well - it's somewhere between a film noir and a Grimm's fairy tale. It's a very 'American' story, but there's also a Japanese influence in the overall tone/ aesthetic. The story's action-packed, exciting and violent, but also has lots of heart and plenty of surprises. The settings are beautiful, moving from 1930's Chicago to green forests and streams, then a final blood-soaked battle in the snowy north.

The business stuff
I'm offering a rate of $225 per full-color page, but for the right artist, the price is negotiable. I can pay half up front, and the rest within 30 days of receipt of final artwork files. I can pay via Paypal or Venmo.

Some of my influences (and hopefully yours too) are:
Long time DD fan: Miller, Maleev, Chris Samnee, John Romita Jr. all did great work. Also love the 'animated' style: Bruce Timm and ANYTHING by Darwyn Cooke. Love 'classic' comic artists like Toth, Kirby Etc. And I do like a manga/ anime influence as long as the style isn't too generic or 'on the noseí. Overall, the vibe I like is 'old school', strike that -classic.

Here's a pinterest board of visual inpiration for this project:

The future of this project?
Once our ten to twelve pages are done and the idea is 'proven', we will take the finished pages plus the complete script to publishers and/ or kickstarter to hopefully fund completion of our full-length graphic novel. So think about if this project is something you'd want to spend a year (or more) with if we get our funding.

Your submission:
Please inquire if you feel your style/ aesthetic is relevant to the project Iím describing. How do you know if itís relevant? Well, one way to know is if this project sounds exciting to you and youíre itching to find out more details! Thatís a good place to start, anyway. Overall, Iím drawn to a clean, bold, graphic style with solid, confident lines.

Please send links to view your work online. The more of your work I can check out, the merrier. And please send full comic pages!

If youíre still reading this, I want to thank you for your time. Feel free to email me with any questions you have about the project. I look forward to seeing your work, and hopefully going on this journey with you!


Send work to: adriansymcoxdesign [at] gmail [dot] com