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01-15-2016, 05:56 PM
I'm learning to ink to better round myself. I'm taking a class at this time but I would like some crits from anyone that can make me better. Pencils by Paulo siquiera

Rob Norton
01-16-2016, 04:19 PM
inking is so much harder than some people realize. to really get the lines to do what they need do as an inker (by professional comic artist standards) takes so much practice.

I myself have been doing a bunch of inking practice over professional artists recently myself, which I will be posting here in a bit when I get around to scanning them. but I am getting so frustrated because I can see the lines im NOT getting out of my tools and its driving me nuts. anyway..ill share those and my frustrations on my own post at a later time.

but as far as what you go going on here..

you are having problems with line weights as well as confidence and control of your lines. kind of everything involved.

you have to be able to see what an ink line should look like...and compare it to whats coming out of your tool. what are you using anyway? tech pens? brush? hunt 102?

lines should have a nice crisp slick look to them, sharp and smooth as they transition from thin to thick and back again (as needed). most of your lines here are wobbly and all over the place. look at panel 2 and the womans figure...the lines going down her body with that shirt, her arms.. and then her legs. the lines need a slick confident application. these look like maybe you are going to slow and being to cautious and the line suffers. but that's purely a guess on my part.

make sure you are considering the light source in the drawings as well...your line weights will help define where heavier lines and lighter lines go.

depending on what you are using, I would recommend some exercises to strengthen your control. like if you have a brush..make sure its a GOOD brush and just practice making straight lines over and over and over. and then start trying curves lines. try to make the line go from thick to thin as you do. go for that slick line you see the pros do.

my personal favorite inkers are Joe Weems and Tim Townsend. both have Deviantart accounts that show all kinds of good inking stuff.

also inker jonathan glapion has a youtube page where he shows what he does and talks about it as he does it which I highly recommend watching. I have watched THIS one many many times.


so anyway..thats a few thoughts. im no pro either. but as always, you are always pushing to grow and get better and I applaud that. keep posting your work sir


01-17-2016, 10:19 AM
Thanks Rob. I used two brushes for the majority and a micron pen for elements in the background. I'll check those guys out as well.