View Full Version : REAPER CORPS #0 / ONE-SHOT now LIVE on Kickstarter

01-12-2016, 02:23 AM
After the success of my last Kickstarter (AGENT: WILD #0) DORK EMPIRE INK and I are back with REAPER CORPS #0, a new full color one - shot which is now live on Kickstarter.

The book is set in the far future (2308) of our AGENT: WILD 'universe.'

In this future, CYBORGS pray to a GOD, CLONES fight for civi rights and MANKIND is an endangered species.

Following a conflict wit the alien Zartori, Mankind's population has been decimated and includes less than 400 million people after three of it's colonized worlds were obliterated.

Now, Man has returned to Earth to rebuild with the help of two large, oout of place communities of Clones and sentient Cyborgs. Two 'races' born and breed to fight with no war and seemingly no purpose.


We are over 60% funded in two days. ALSO, I'm running a WEEK ONE CHALLENGE! If the book is funded in the first week (7 days), all backers at $10+ will receive (1) copy of REAPER CORPS #0 B&W Edition, This will only be available IF we meet goal in a week and ONLY to those first week backers. No adding it on later.

You can see the first 6 pages in glorious B&W on the kickstarter page.

Thanks for checking it out.