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01-09-2016, 03:48 AM
Letterer Wanted

Looking for a letterer for a 21-page comic book. Dialogue and occassional SFX needed (although most of the SFX have already been done).

ABOUT US: You can check out my IMDb page here (http://www.imdb.com/name/nm5414711/).

WHAT WE HAVE: Right now, about ten pages of sequential work. The first 5 pages are completed with colors, all done by a single artist. 15 more on the way to constitute a full issue.

Here is a link to the first five pages.

WHAT WE'RE LOOKING FOR: An experienced comic book letterer who knows how to enhance the page through lettering.

WHAT WE’RE PAYING: $35USD for the entire project.

CONTRACT DETAILS: Artist Work-For-Hire.

PAYMENT DETAILS: Half upon execution of contract, the rest upon approval of final materials (within 24 hours). Paypal.

DELIVERY DETAILS: Upon receipt of full payment; 300 dpi / high res file (we can hash out the details if it gets to that point). Delivery of final high res files will constitute completion of job.

TIME FRAME: February 29th, 2016.

IF INTERESTED: Please send portfolio links / letters of inquiry ONLY to ouyangshenglu@gmail.com

01-16-2016, 03:57 PM
I found a letterer for this project. Thanks to all the great submissions, I appreciate it!