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01-06-2016, 04:53 PM
Run Riot Media is looking for a talented comic illustrator for the relaunch of the girl buddy/sci-fi book: SOL!

Initially this would be a paid ($150) test page that could lead to a minimum of a four issue arc. If you are interested, please contact me: hartjeffers@gmail.com

In your query email, please include links to your portfolio or attach jpegs of examples of your page and illustration work. Also, in your email please introduce yourself and your professional (comics) background.


SOL is the story of two robot ladies: Jane and Helen. They hate each other, but are forced to become friends because they are embroiled in the 2nd American Civil War, which is being fought over AI personhood.


We are open to all styles, but we are most interested in ones that are influenced by manga, or American animation.
Clean simple tight lines, with minimal blacks. The narrative is heavy. So we want to balance that with a lighter style.
Think: Bruce Timm, Alessandro Barbucci, Miyazaki, Lissa Treiman, Darwyn Cooke, etc.
Should have great range/imagination as an illustrator. This is a space opera that will require an ability to draw complicated settings and complicated future tech.


SOL is a quarterly 24-page book. This will require production of at least two finished pages per week.

If you are chosen as SOLís next illustrator, this will be a minimum four issue commitment that will wrap as a trade. You will be paid to develop your house style for the book and to develop the concept art needed for the first arc. This book will either be self-published or carried by one of the Indy publishers. It will also be digitally distributed by comixology.

Run Riot will reserve the right to two sets of edits (if needed) for all submitted work.


The floor is $150 a page for pencils and inks.
We are open to negotiation in the final contract.
Payment will be delivered Via Paypal 48 hours after delivery of the final psd of each individual page via dropbox.


If your work seems like a good fit, we will email you a copy of the test page,
and all of the requisite source materials to finish the page. You will have a two week dead-line. After which, we will look at all of your submissions, and after deliberation make a decision on the next illustrator.


My name is Hart Jeffers. I am the writer/creator of SOL, and owner of Run Riot Media based in Charleston, SC. My team consists of Steve Stegelin (editor/letterer), Mark Dale (colorist), and Paul Denino (editor/coms director). We all have public profiles on Facebook. So feel free to check us out. Last year we produced the first issue of SOL, but have since lost our illustrator. We are looking to relaunch this year with one of you as our new ongoing artist!


Facebook: Run Riot Media
Twitter: @RunRiotMedia

01-11-2016, 08:36 PM
Thank you to everyone who has submitted so far!
The submissions have been fantastic!
RunRiot will close submissions 1/19.
We will email you, by the end of that business day, if we want you to do a test page.
Thank you for your interest, and (maybe) you'll hear from us in a week!

01-18-2016, 10:03 PM
Thank you to the 236 of you who submitted!

We will be in touch with 10 of you (via email) before the end of business tomorrow!

Submissions are now closed!

Thank you again to all who have submitted interest!