View Full Version : Looking for illustrator/cartoonist to help finish graphic novel

01-04-2016, 09:50 AM
Sadly an artist I was working with on a chapter of my graphic novel had to drop out and I'm looking for someone to help me finish it.

The story is kind of a modern play on The Scarlet Letter, substituting internet commenting for adultery. The graphic novel as a whole is a look at the physical world we live in, and the digital one we're spending more and more of our time in.

Payment would be $500 USD for 13 pages. I usually go through Paypal but I'm also open to Google Wallet too or any other payment method you prefer. Once we work out a deal, I'll pay half up front, and the rest within two weeks of completion of the story.

You can find my work at Jclarkcomics.sqaurespace.com and email me at Jclarkcomics@yahoo.com for me details and any questions.

Thanks a lot and Happy New Year everyone!

01-15-2016, 11:35 AM
Thanks so much to everyone who responded. There's so many talented people out there and it was really hard to choose but I found an artist. Thanks again everyone.