View Full Version : Looking for Multiple Artists for a Series of Short Stories - $10 per page

01-04-2016, 12:25 AM
Hello fellow comics creators! My name is Searnold (an amalgam of Sean and Arnold.)

I am looking for multiple artists to work with me on a series of comics shorts (each 5-10 pages in length.) I am launching a project called "Completely Different Comics" and my goal is to publish (online) a new short once a month.

I am paying $10 per page, which I know is not a lot, but I'm hoping to find some young indie creators (like me) to work with who will be excited by the prospect of paid and published work.

Any style is acceptable as there are many stories of all kinds to be told.

Half payment will be made upon receipt of roughs via e-mail. Final payment will be made via Paypal the same day as completed art is received and approved (300dpi), or a check or money order can be mailed out within one week. (Other payment options are available if you need something specific. I can be flexible.)

To verify that I am a real person (and see some of my previous work), you can check out my website, www.SuperSearnold.com

If interested, please e-mail links to your art samples to SuperSearnold@yahoo.com

Thanks! And have a happy day.