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12-31-2015, 12:33 AM
Getting Back to Normal

Synopsis: Raccoon has been more or less homeless for the last 40 years, living in and around Reno, Nevada. Years of this lifestyle have rattled his brain. It doesnít help that heís got a drug problem, and is a bit schizophrenic to boot.

One night while out looking for some food, Raccoon stumbles upon the dead body of a young man who was just trying to get back home to a place called Normal. Raccoon takes it upon himself to find out who the killer is. This task isnít so simple and as Raccoonís nature allows, situations become convoluted quickly.

A world of tent cities, seedy motels, bowling conventions, and ghost towns, this story is entertaining adventure, psychedelic noir, and a search for the meaning of oneís life during their later years.

Without getting into the specifics of the plot, Getting Back to Normal is a whole lot more. It can be taken as a simple, fun story, or you can peel back the layers and dig in deep.

Artist: This is a black and white comic. Iím looking for a single artist to handle both pencils and inks, and who can provide me with a clean final page that is ready to be sent to the letterer. This story should be thought of as a noir. It is pretty straightforward visually, though there are times that the story veers into the surreal.

Iím looking for an artist who wants a project and has experience working on longer stories. At 97 pages this is no walk in the park. I need a committed person ready to provide for at least 6 pages per month. That would make this project part of your life for the next year. I donít think everyone is prepared for that kind of work, so I would also need at least one solid reference from you. Although Iím prompt with payments and I am an easy person to work with, Iíve been burned in the past and cannot hire somebody that is going to drop out twenty pages in.

The main character is already designed as he is part of another comic that I write. We can negotiate the price for the design of the other characters and the locations.

This takes place very much in a real world, but you donít need to know Nevada to do the story. I have plenty of pictures for reference and with Google Maps you can take a stroll trough any city and get a feel for it.

I do expect to see the penciled pages first in case a revision is needed.

Payment: This is a work-for-hire project and will pay $40 per completed page. Of course if there are any chances of anything happening with this project in another medium, we can negotiate future contracts.

I would like to pay you monthly for your pages, but if you would like a different arrangement, this is something we can discuss. The payments would come via Paypal.

Publishing: The story will appearing in digital and print alongside each chapter of another comic of mine called The Black Wall. It will be separated into 8 cliffhangers. This is a self-published endeavor. You can read The Black Wall at: http://www.blackwallcomic.com

The style of this comic does not have to be the same as The Black Wall. I would like you to bring your own style to the table. This is something we can discuss after youíve read the script and gotten a feel for the story. I like to collaborate, not demand.

Any other questions, feel free to ask away. This is the guy youíll be drawing for 97 pages:


If youíre interested in something a bit different, here is your chance. Contact me at: coffeetimecomix@gmail.com

01-04-2016, 05:47 PM
At this point I would like to close the submission process as I have a lot of work to look through and decisions to make.

At this point if you feel you have a really strong black and white or noir style, please feel free to still submit, but only if you really think you are right.

Thank you, I hope to get back to everyone soon.


01-16-2016, 12:18 PM
The job has been filled for this comic.

I want to thank everyone who applied. There was so much great art to look at, but of course there could only be one.

I still have a few people to get back to and there are some people I'm just not going to be able to get back to because time doesn't allow it.

Good luck to everyone.