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12-21-2015, 02:21 PM
Colorist Wanted - $75/Page

We're looking for an artist that is able to match an existing coloring style to help us complete the first issue of our techno-fantasy comic, GLOW.

ABOUT US: Ray and Vince from Mythopoeia. You can read more about us here: www.mythopoeia.us.

WHAT WE HAVE: Right now, about ten pages of sequential work. The first 5 pages are completed with colors, all done by a single artist. 15 more on the way to constitute a full issue.

Here is a link to the first five pages. (http://imgur.com/a/qPRvu)

WHAT WE'RE LOOKING FOR: Someone who can seamlessly match the existing style we have established. Someone who is a strong painter (that can handle backgrounds) and immaculate professional.

WHAT WE’RE PAYING: For now, we're willing to do commission some sample panels or pages to see if your art style is compatible. If hired, the rate would be $75 / page.

CONTRACT DETAILS: Artist Work-For-Hire.

PAYMENT DETAILS: Half upon execution of contract, the rest upon approval of final materials (within 24 hours). Paypal or Transferwise preferred but we’re willing to work something out if that’s not convenient.

DELIVERY DETAILS: Upon receipt of full payment; 300 dpi / high res file (we can hash out the details if it gets to that point). Delivery of final high res files will constitute completion of job.

TIME FRAME: This is a long term project. We're trying to build a relationship with someone to go forward with future issues. Within the next four months for the rest of the first issue.

IF INTERESTED: Please send portfolio links / letters of inquiry ONLY to mythosubmissions@gmail.com