View Full Version : Anybody use oil pastels?

Stewart Vernon
12-06-2015, 08:27 PM
I found a drawer full of them today. I knew they were lurking somewhere. I need to check them out, I can't vouch for optimal storage conditions but fingers crossed they are all (or at least mostly) still good.

Assuming that... Anyone here use pastels?

I've seen some people appear to be using them for coloring, like they were crayons or markers but with the addition of some blending techniques. Frankly, I'm happy using markers or colored pencils to do things that way but I might give it a shot.

I'm more interested in the possibility of trying a slightly off-the-norm style with these myself. I'm not expecting to be in Bill Sienkiewicz league or anything like that... but I am thinking of an exaggerated style using pastels could look good so I'll be trying to use them and layering them more like an oil painting rather than sketching/refining and using them just to color/shade.

I'll post some results in my art dump thread when I get something worth sharing... but thought I'd see if anyone here has any helpful pastel-use tips for a beginner.

Stewart Vernon
12-10-2015, 09:28 PM
Following up my own post...

I actually found a bunch of things. I have a box of colored chalk that should be fun for something... and a box of charcoal sticks too.

I have several different boxes of pastels. Only one of them specifically says "oil pastels" on it, and it is the largest assortment. These feel slick and apply semi-waxy like I would expect so they seem good.

A couple of other boxes of pastels I have either said "soft" or nothing specific... and those other ones apply a little more dry, like chalk a little bit... so I don't know if it is because they are not oil-based OR if it is because of material and age. Everything was stored together, so was subject to the same conditions... but some brands I've read don't age as well.

In any event... I have a bunch of new/cool media to experiment with when time permits.