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12-04-2015, 05:02 PM

Artist will pencil and ink (on a work-for-hire bases) four-pages of sequential-comic-book-art.

Fifty ($50) dollars (usd) per page - two hundred ($200) dollars (usd) in total.

Payment will be delivered via Paypal.

Artist will be paid in full within five days of delivering low-rez copies of the final sequential art and within five days of receiving payment, artist will deliver hi-rez (400dpi) TIFF files.


Artist must be able to draw a circumcised penis, an anthropomorphic Minotaur, FULL-PAGE-SPLASHES, a giant-jelly-fish-monster-god and a faux advertisement for a fictional beer with text copy.

The comic is going for a “HELL-BOY/THE GOON as drawn by "SKOTTIE YOUNG” cartoony type vibe for this.

Interested parties, please, please, send only links to/or portfolio of sequential comic-book art ONLY - - - to email address below:



I am an aspiring comic-writer who’s had a script accepted by Futurequake for publishing.


Thanks for kindly reading, regards

12-13-2015, 02:44 PM
Apologises for not writing to everyone individually - this was quite difficult as there were a lot of submission. I like to thank everyone who send a link or portfolio but an artist has been chosen and position has been filled.