View Full Version : Seeking Artist for Promotional/Concept Art for Dystopian Future Graphic Novel

11-24-2015, 01:50 PM
We are seeking an artist to help us produce our first run of Promo / Concept art for a graphic novel set in the future with dystopian and cyberpunk elements. We are looking for 3-4 pieces of promotional and/or concept art for several of the main characters. Our goal is to flesh out character concept and design as a preview and preparation for the actual graphic novel.

The style we’re looking for is dark, moody and serious, not cartoony, more realistic and stylized in a way that connects to the through-line of the story.

The following are guidelines for what we are seeking at this time.

- Strong grasp of (futuristic) city settings and culture, as well as cityscapes.
- Ability to draw future/high tech devices, cybernetics, weaponry, armor, vehicles,
computers, drones, buildings, furniture, etc.
- Ability to convey a wide range of emotion in the eyes and face.
- Can draw people of different ethnicities accurately.
- Must be able to draw characters that are more realistic and lifelike, not your typical ripped,
shredded, big breasted superheroes-- this applies all the more so to any augmented
characters (e.g cyborgs, cyber soldiers, etc.).

Remember, this is a DYSTOPIAN future, so don't be afraid to be raw and gritty when appropriate.


- Rate of pay: $50 per colored page/character, $30 per pencil/inked piece/character, but
rate is negotiable.
- Payment Terms: within five (5) of delivering the final pieces.
- Payment Type: Paypal or Venmo.
- We will need you to provide a penciled test page.
- Must be willing to commit until completion of all art - not to exceed one (1) month per
piece/page commissioned.
- This is a work-for-hire job.

My name is Noel, and my partner’s name is Daniel we are both professionals living in Los Angeles area. I am also a comedian and actor, here is a link to my IMDB page, http://www.imdb.com/name/nm1584905/?ref_=fn_al_nm_1. This is our first step into graphic novel writing but neither of our first attempts at writing. We have been researching and developing this project for quite some time now and are looking to bring it to life.

Please only respond with submissions to nelgrably@gmail.com.