View Full Version : Looking for a penciller to draw some big robots!

10-27-2015, 11:49 AM
Are you a fan of properties like Transformers and Gobots? Are you awesome at drawing big robots? Are you good at drawing vehicles, understanding 3D spacial relations, and drawing functional transforming mechanics?
You may be who we're looking for.

A client of ours who we've been working with for years needs some big transforming robots. Normally my team can handle everything but we need some extra help on this one due to the fast turn around. This is a project we need to wrap up in a couple of weeks.

We prefer someone with experience on such a project. So if you've worked on a big robot property before, that is ideal.

There's multiple robots, and we'd prefer one person who can do them all,
and can meet deadlines. Since it's a tight turnaround, meeting the deadline is a huge priority! So, I go back to that preference for prior experience and having previous clients who can vouch for your ability to meet deadlines.

If we use you, the first thing you need to sign is a Non Disclosure Agreement. That covers things like confidentiality, general assignment of ownership and copyright of any works produced for MVCreations, etc.

This is pencils only. You start doing rough sketches that we will approve.
One the poses and compositions are approved, you move on to the final pencils.
Those final pencils will need to be tight and clean. No sloppy, sketchy work on the final poses.
And, there may be additional tweaks and revisions to the final pencils.

Final files need to be delivered to us via FTP as 600 dpi TIF files. I will provide the FTP login details.

You need to know how to make transformations work, as you will be doing some designing of an actual transformation. We've already drawn the final robots, so we need someone who can draw three prior stages for the robot:
• their starting form
• a first stage of transformation, where they are coming out of their starting form
• and, a second stage of transformation, where they are closer to their final robot form

Each pose pays $75.00. So all three stages combined pays a total of $225.00 per character.

We will provide a voucher that you fill out and will e-mail back once the entire job is completed. This is what is submitted for payment.

We prefer to pay by check, but can pay by PayPal as long as you absorb any fees from the PayPal transfer.

Payment is made within 60 business days after submission of the voucher. Hopefully much sooner, but we say 60 days just to be safe.

My name is Val Staples and I've been working in comics and toys for 15 years. I've hired a ton of talent and given a lot of people their first opportunities to break into the comic book and toy industries. Every person who has ever worked for me has always gotten paid what they were due, even when clients stiffed me on money. Check out the links in my signature below for more info.

If you are interested, please contact us at ***submissions are currently closed***
E-mail NO MORE than 10 JPGs of your best robot samples, showing vehicles, robots, transformations, etc. Please make sure the JPGs are not huge files. 300 kb per file should be more than enough.
Alternatively, you can e-mail a link to a site showing your samples.
And, as stated before, links to and contact info for prior experience is preferred. We need to verify that you can meet deadlines.

Thank you so much!