View Full Version : "Kid Shinobi" Kickstarter Now Live!

10-20-2015, 08:12 AM
Under Belly Comics is running a Kickstarter to fund our graphic novel, "Kid Shinobi," a genre-bending east-meets-west time-travel fantasy set in ancient Japan and the early 90s American South.

In this novel, a young boy is possessed by the soul of an ancient shinobi; struggling with poverty and the pressures of middle school, an abusive foster mother and the imposing designs of spiritual powers at war, he is forced to confront the value of blood and kin, of survival and growing up.

Here is the link:

Pledges run from $2 to $500 dollars, with rewards ranging from a "Thank You" tweet to the team creating a character with your name and likeness!

Check it out and pledge to pre-order your copy now!