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10-08-2015, 10:10 AM
I started out freelancing my pencils and inks back in 2008. Which was a great way to earn experience, hone in my craft, and get my feet wet in the industry. For several years I worked for minimal pay per page, sometimes for free... and it took me a while to discipline myself and get to the point of pushing out 4 quality pages a week. It was a great learning experience.

I wanted more. Not necessarily money... I wanted more titles underneath my belt. I wanted to grow my inventory of published work.

Since 2013, I have been working as a resident artist with my publishing company. They loved my work and wanted me to come on board, they promised i'd definitely get my published inventory expanded with them. They offered me backend sales pay for the books I worked on. I have completed 3 full titles for this company since I joined, working for free up-front, and still nothing has made it to the printers. 2 and a half years and nothing to show for it. Although I have made some good friends within this company... and I guess that is why I haven't moved along yet.

So, I am feeling compelled to start searching for a new comic residence with another company. A company that is all about art production and making it happen. I have also been seriously thinking about creating my own company, but a lack of capital is my only obstacle with that notion.

I yearn to surround myself with like minded individuals. I am searching for the right Company with the same amount of passion and dedication that I have. Can anyone suggest a company out there that is pro-active and growing in the comic industry? A fresh company that is about to explode and take off?

thanks guys.

Steven Forbes
10-09-2015, 11:10 AM
Go here to see the books we produce. (Books that actually made it to the printer. Books you can hold in your hand and don't just show up on someone's digital shelf.)

Also, look around the web for us. Get views and reviews.

Then shoot me an email if you're interested. With links to your work.

I'm at NYCC right now (well, I will be in a couple of hours), booth 1924, but I still check here (like now). Basically, that means I'll be checking my email later. But I'll check it.

And if you (or anyone) happen to be at NYCC '15, come by the booth to say hi!