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09-05-2015, 12:25 PM
I've been trying something new (to me) lately, to try and garner interest in my art and partially to keep me on track at times. Streaming my drawing sessions.

I've always enjoyed watching people draw; couple years ago I tried to catch every we comic artist I knew on ustream whenever they started. Or I'd scour YouTube for videos of just people drawing, not even tutorial type things, cause I feel I learned more in watching these people draw for real, not trying to break it down, than when they were trying to teach.

Anyway, I finally decided to just get twitch set up with xsplit and try it out and it was fun. Gave me something to share on tumblr and facebook, and honestly its the most effective way to keep me on task in a more natural way. I can be hard on myself and make it very hard for me to wander off to some other task(turn wifi off, close the blinds, just try to shut everything else out), but its still not as effective as knowing people came to see me draw, not dilly dally on tumblr. Years of catholic school really made guilt the great motivator

This has lead me to question some things to make my stream more enjoyable, however. Mostly, I guess, what do people that watch want to see? I know what I liked, but that's not always the best route to go when entertaining. When/if you all watch something like this, do you want to see comic pages or illustrations? The early stages where the image comes together or later when doing tight pencils and inking? I like warm ups cause its supposed to be quick and somewhat finished, but I would like some other thoughts.

Also, I didn't talk, cause as of yet I've had like 3 visitors, and I didn't play music cause copyright and laws and please dont sue me. But that's a lot of silence. So if someone has a suggestion for stimulating that sense too I'm all ears. (Low hanging fruit with that joke...)

Finally, does anyone else stream their drawing? It is fun and id like to see what others are doing too