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09-05-2015, 07:54 AM
I've been away for a while, mostly fucking about with my ongoing projects and getting back into recording as well, for kicks.

But I've also been building up some Pinterest reference boards for various needs, and they've been picking up followers, for it looks like they might have some merit.

Anyway, here's a list of the boards some of you guys may be interested in.

Poses and Anatomy - https://uk.pinterest.com/daveydouble/poses-and-anatomy/
Technical reference for human anatomy, musculature, body types, movement and posing.

Heads and Faces - https://uk.pinterest.com/daveydouble/heads-and-faces/
Head and face construction, proportions, facial expressions, eyes, mouths, noses and the rest.

Feet and Hands - https://uk.pinterest.com/daveydouble/feet-and-hands/
Pose and construction of hands and feet.

Organics and Foliage - https://uk.pinterest.com/daveydouble/organics-and-foliage/
Trees, plants, rocks, organic forms for reference.

Textiles and Materials - https://uk.pinterest.com/daveydouble/textiles-and-material/
Reference for how textiles and Materials move and fall.

Fluids and Explosions - https://uk.pinterest.com/daveydouble/fluids-and-explosions/
Fluid dynamics. How air and water particles move.

Colour - https://uk.pinterest.com/daveydouble/colour/
Tutorials, reference and inspiration for colouring.

Vehicles - https://uk.pinterest.com/daveydouble/go-fastah/
Mechanical design and reference for cars, bikes and aircraft.

Robots - https://uk.pinterest.com/daveydouble/mother-fucking-robots/
Mecha of all kinds.

Weapons - https://uk.pinterest.com/daveydouble/pew-pew/
Guns. Lots and lots of guns.

Monsters - https://uk.pinterest.com/daveydouble/aaargh-monsters/
Beasties, nightmares, trolls, dragons, tentacles. Basically anything with too many eyes and/or eyes.

Animals - https://uk.pinterest.com/daveydouble/animals/
Regular animals.

Lighting - https://uk.pinterest.com/daveydouble/lighting/
Lighting tricks and tips from the Real World, as well as I aspiration and reference.

Inspiration - https://uk.pinterest.com/daveydouble/inspiring-ideas/
A collection of inspiring images and vignettes to get the creative juices flowing.