View Full Version : Blood Brothers, Gore, Action,Comedy and More!

08-31-2015, 11:06 AM
hello everybody, this is the first time I post a project of mine, so here is it.
Blood Brothers, is the comic book you didnt know you're waiting for.
is live on tapastic
or smackjeeves
the cover of issue #1

about the story
here is a band of half-brothers with a lot of flaws and powers,they meet each other in very violent circumstances generated by an irresponsable father, the look like spoofs of other characters... and they are but is just not the main point of the comic, that element is just there as a comedy vehicle.
I hope you guys give it a chance, I have 3 issues in the can and I plan this for a long long run.
Ill take this project to indie gogo so hopefully you might be interested and keep reading
thanks for all the support and comments you might have that means a lot and I take consideration of everyone of them
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