View Full Version : Are you need coloring artist? I'm ready to be your partner :)

08-22-2015, 04:06 PM
Hi.. I'm ilham from jakarta Indonesia, I'm freelancer artist that can do some illustration, cover book, coloring, inking and some other skill like character design and pixel art.
This is my first time here to promote my self, I hope this is the right place for doing this :)
anyway, this is my sample of coloring..
the sketch it's come from my client, he ask me to color it.. and you can see the result here, how I make the pencil sketches to be colored (without inking it first).

so... this is the pencil sketch

and this is the color result

What do you think? feel free to give any comment or opinion about my coloring, I always open to any critic or advice for a better improvement.

anyway, I open commission on fiverr.com here :
you can see my works there, and if you interested to order something from me, you can contact me here or just send me a message :)
Thank you..
feel free to ask me anything.. and let's be friends :carrot:
(I'm sorry if my English is not really good, that's not my first language)