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Blue Wolf
08-10-2015, 04:37 AM
I highlighted the main bullet points, for anyone wanting to cut right to the chase.

How do you go about finding a freelance editor?

I did a quick google search but didn't turn up any useful information. The first result was a thread HERE from 2007. Most of the other results were articles about editors and a lot of the results weren’t even for freelance editors, but for artists. The only one on the first couple of pages that seemed to BE an editor was a French website.

So it’s taken me a long time but I’ve written a 22 page comic script. It’s a single issue that doesn’t continue, but its “open” to have a follow up.

I’m just looking for someone to help me make sure the script is usable by an artist, colorist, and letterer. I’m not looking for a project manager, just a script manager I guess?

I’m looking for someone to look over the script and copy edit and let me know when panel descriptions need to be changed to make sense to an artist, or if I have a panel where the description and dialogue is impossible to be in one panel and needs to be split into two panels, if I botched my self-spellcheck, stuff like that. Or, if they tell me it needs a total re-write, there’s that. I’ll probably cry because I’ve re-written it a couple of times already after looking through a bunch of “Proving Grounds” columns. But then again, if it’s complete garbage it would be nice to get that feedback before I go out and try and get someone to draw it too.

The basic concept of the IP is a medieval action comedy. I’m a big fan of stuff like Dungeons & Dragons, Final Fantasy, Rat Queens, Battle Chasers, ect.

The story for this specific issue is the end of one characters long running quest to hunt down a very specific dragon and reclaim something long lost to her.

So, is there like.. a list, or a website, or a resource? Or are there people here who “know” of freelance editors who would work with a first time self published issue and can give me a heads up of someone I can try and contact? Finding an artist seems pretty easy, but is looking for an editor on something like the “help wanted” thread something that is advisable, or would editors not even be looking there?

Any help would be appreciated, thanks.

Steven Forbes
08-10-2015, 06:16 AM
You could always say, "Hey, anyone know where I could find a freelance editor?" I'm quite sure one will pop up. Or at least give you some names to start with.

I know this one guy... Steve Forbes or something... He may be interested. Look him up. Or see if he replies to this thread. I think he's a mod or something.

But watch out. I heard he's a total asshole.

08-10-2015, 10:40 AM
Ask around. Ask creators of published comics. Read the credits, and look up the editors listed there.

Steven (the smartass above me) has been doing good by me on the editing front. If you want to produce the best work you possibly can, Steven will take you there if you let him help ya. He doesn't carry on quite like he does in The Proving Grounds when privately editing, but he won't hold back from telling you if something is shit on a stick. And that's the kind of editor you want. Someone who isn't afraid of hurting your feelings. If you want editors to tip-toe, you may as well get your friends to edit (note: don't do this). ;D

At least one of the blokes around here uses Liam Hayes as their editor (one of the other TPG folk), and he's pretty bloody happy with him.

The only other editors I've worked with don't edit comics.

Again, ask around. Bonus points if you ask around for an editor that doesn't pussyfoot. ;D Failing that, I think finding out who the editors were on successful indie comics is a good place check out. After all, if the editor did a crappy job, the comic wouldn't sell, would it?