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08-03-2015, 12:30 AM
G'Day all,

The Transversal Continuity (http://tf-tvc.deviantart.com) is pleased to present:

TransWarp: Primal - Issue #1!

http://t08.deviantart.net/1KnugcFLczRS-tNyyoukHYNtFsw=/300x200/filters:fixed_height%28100,100%29:origin%28%29/pre05/7276/th/pre/i/2015/206/d/e/primal___issue__1___cover_by_tf_tvc-d92twcf.png (http://tf-tvc.deviantart.com/gallery/50437413/Primal-Issue-1)

With a last-ditch, all-or-nothing push for victory underway on the planet below, the Maximal Air Defense (MAD) Wing find themselves with a new recruit -- and quite possibly a one-way mission. Can they keep the enemy fighters off the tail of the Xelor long enough for it to carry out the first successful TransWarp test and help and the Great War?

Cheers, happy reading, and feel free to comment!
- Verno.