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05-13-2015, 11:43 PM
Hey guys, we're back and going for a bigger book than ever!

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Torsobear: All Stitched up is the second volume of a cartoon noir comic book about toy-on-toy crime in a fantastic city of playthings, created by Brett Uren.

http://torsobear.com - for campaign & production updates!


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a signing!)

This story is for anybody who loves cute toys and cartoons from the early 20th century to now. To handle them, you got to have stuffing of steel!

With it's greatest cop boxed up in toy prison, the sweet city of Toyburg is overrun with playthings on the edge of madness – driven by a mysterious force, obsessed with the crimes of others.

Looking back on recent villainy, can Ruxby survive long enough in jail to figure out who framed him?

Can Hazbrow hold Toyburg Police together long enough to turn the tide? Return to Fluffy Noir in this Step beyond Imagination.

Torsobear: Yarns from Toyburg was released last summer to great reviews, and is now available via Comixology. - http://bit.ly/1I7BbKf Also available in print via our online Comicsy store - http://www.comicsy.co.uk/bretturen/store/products/torsobear-yarns-from-toyburg/

The creation of this new, bigger book will be funded from pledges here - to pay creators for the use of their great talents and passion. If anything we are proud to be seen doing so, in the face of difficulties many comic creatives face.


Stories intended for inclusion are:
The Switch and Stitch – Brett Uren
One Small Step for Toy - Frank Martin/Samir Simao
Goodbye Kitty - Grainne McEntee, Lee Killeen
Uncanny Valley of the Dolls - Cy Dethan/Nic Wilkinson
Stones in Glass Playsets – Brett Uren/Giles Crawford
A Tale of Woe from De-Fluff Row – Eddy Norden
The Cult of the Collector - Glenn Møane/Sage M Coffey
Play of the Dead - Kieran Squires/Ben Ling/Charlie Hogg
… But when Geppetto talks to you - Janos Honkonen/Carlos Zamudio Broken Soldier - Jake Young/Dave Windett
Remade in the Rough House – Brett Uren/Giles Crawford
The Law Above – Pete Rogers/Mike Motz
Action Gal – Jon Scrivens/Phil Buckenham
Shooter Shattered – Jimmy Furlong/Andrew Hartmann
The Dark Stuff – Conor Mahoney/Emman Padilla
What Josie Said – Ronald Montgomery/Ashley Ribblett
Someone Else’s Rules – Brett Uren/Giles Crawford

More amazing rewards will be on offer to pledges of all levels, including posters, toys and a character in the book will be created by you!!

My ongoing series The Vale and Torsobear Volume 1 can be obtained on some reward levels (mature readers only for The Vale), as can sketch cards, movie style posters by some of our artists, t-shirts and original artwork from them too! For fans of fun and crime, this is something totally unique, bursting with energy and passion!

For the dedicated fan who wants a unique painting, or retailers looking to sell Torsobear in their store we have other offers (pick no reward and message with store details)


For helping us out, you can unlock further access to story previews from the book for all, to be delivered to you immediately when we hit funding milestones! Check our updates on this page for more details.

DOWNLOAD A FREE PDF SAMPLER HERE, INCLUDING THE FIRST 3 PAGES OF CHAPTER 1 'THE SWITCH AND STITCH' HERE (https://www.dropbox.com/s/brll8wlttnknmuk/TB%202%20preview%20pack.pdf?dl=0)!


Giles Crawford watercolour pages are up for grabs at milestones too, and all backers on a given day are automatically entered into a sketch contest.


If you're a backer and refer a friend to back us (they need to tell me in a message), then you get an art print of Copycat (limited edition). Even non-backers get on the thank page in our book if a new backer tells us where they saw your post.

We only have 3 Ruxby Plushies left and no more will be made by this manufacturer. They are available to the first top tier pledges we receive at the Mayor level.

Download the original Torsobear short in Outre #2 here (https://www.dropbox.com/s/pkrdog33k2a9but/Outre2_lowres.pdf?dl=0)

Reviews for Torsobear Volume 1 -

‘It reads like Raymond Chandler meets Teddy Ruxpin with a generous dose of Robert Crumb and we’d love to see a full series.’ – Pipedream Comics

‘The art style and color choices made it feel like a more disturbing and adult Hanna Barbera piece, and the blend of issues such as racism, crises of faith, and horrific crimes with a world of toys resonated.’ – Fanboy Comics

‘There are few comics out there as innocently decadent as this one. In fact, I can’t think of the last time I read a story akin to Torsobear. It is more than just a well-executed piece of parody pulp – it’s a marvellously constructed yet endearingly simple tale of subversion, and demonstrates just how strong a story can be when combining the innocent with the deadly.’ - A Place To Hang Your Cape

With your help and support, perhaps we can add even more to the Torsobear experience. There are some possibilities should we exceed the original goal.