View Full Version : Translating And Lettering A Lost Skywald Tale

03-31-2015, 11:02 PM
1970's black and white horror comics publisher Skywald folded with material left unpublished in the USA, UK and elsewhere except for Spain... Since I'm restoring and reprinting that material including the Frankenstein series for a forthcoming collection I thought you might like to see the process involved... Dialogue font is Silver Age from Blambot... Title SFX font is DracuFrankenWolf BB from Blambot... G

First the original Spanish page is scanned and restored to look sharp and new...


Then the Spanish lettering is stripped out so that the loosely translated dialogue can be worked in...


The loosely translated dialogue (which will be tweaked by orignal Skywald writer, “Awkward” Augustine Funnell) is worked in so as to fit in each of the original balloons and caption boxes...


Finally, the title is created and worked in the area left for it, and there you have it, the finished page...