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03-18-2015, 06:10 PM

03-19-2015, 04:08 PM
I have already complimented you on this but these inks are fantastic Rob!

03-19-2015, 04:32 PM
Thanks man

03-19-2015, 05:46 PM
Your crosshatching is superb! Crosshatching is not a talent I have picked up yet. I am better at feathering instead.

03-19-2015, 06:18 PM
It took me a few years to get the hang of it, i still struggle with it at time.

03-20-2015, 01:49 AM
That is a really great piece.

As much as I would like to see how it will look coloured part of me also hopes it will stay black and white.

03-20-2015, 02:01 AM
Hey thanks. It was coloured by the penciller. The interiors of the books which he inks himself stay black and white. But I agree, i'm a fan of this one the way it is.

03-20-2015, 09:58 AM
That looks cool, but one thing i recommend, use a template for circles and for curves. The Glasses don't look right when done freehand like that. freehand is good for smaller objects but something that large should have been done with a template. The power effect with the curved objects really needs a curve template. A french curve set would have helped with that. Never forego the proper tools for the sake of style or speed. Otherwise you did really good especially the lower part of the drawing and the candles.

03-20-2015, 06:01 PM
Very impressive work!