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03-18-2015, 05:08 PM
The making of The New Guardians logo, for DC Comics in 1988, is at Tenth Letter of the Alphabet (http://alphabettenthletter.blogspot.com/2015/03/anatomy-of-logo-new-guardians.html).

03-20-2015, 01:45 AM
awesome. I envy you for doing it by hand.

Stewart Vernon
03-20-2015, 06:21 PM
That was a pretty cool read. I looked at it last night, actually, but didn't respond until today.

My sister is learning/practicing calligraphy. Our father did some of that too... I am so glad, though, that I'm in the time of computers and can do that kind of work digitally!

Way back when I took an engineering graphics class in college, I did do some logo design on paper. I remember drawing a logo for the Thing that was a brick-design. It looked pretty cool, but it took a LONG time to do it all by hand. I wish I still had it and could scan it in.

I still sketch things out to see what I like... but I rarely do any major lettering work like logos or titles by hand. It's still damn cool, though, to see people who can and did do things by hand.

Comics Commando
03-30-2015, 02:30 PM
Nice logo, well done. Reminds me of all the Image Comics logos I did by hand in the old days. Fun. Badrock, NewMen, Glory, Prophet, etc... Wish I still had the originals.

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