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Naomi Deinhart, The Lionheart, is an interstellar smuggler for pirate organization known as Swalina. She's also discovering she has a slowly budding burden of a power that causes any male in her immediate vicinity to become annoyingly enamored, enthralled, entranced, and infatuated with her, oftentimes getting in the way of a successful mission.

Muse is a project that I feel super confident in. It is the most fun I've had as a writer, it's a story with a message, and it's pure escapism and fun. My team consists of Rowel Roque (artist), Ronson Edulan (colorist), and Jake Caputo (letterer).

We're hard at work on releasing the first issue but, as I'm sure we all know, creating comics is hard. From paying your creative team to paying for production costs, it's hard to be diy. We're doing what we can but, if you've got a few bucks you can spare, we'd be super appreciative.

Thank you so much, anything helps. If you can't spare a dollar, spread the word. Share the link. Talk about it. I promise you, Muse is going to be something fun and something captivating.


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Twelve grand for your funding goal.

Good luck with raising that. I'll pass on backing this project.