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02-02-2015, 09:20 AM
Profiles of Ben Sangor and Ned L. Pines are on my blog, Tenth Letter of the Alphabet.

Sangor’s profile is here (http://alphabettenthletter.blogspot.com/2015/01/comics-ben-sangor.html).

Benjamin William “Ben” Sangor was born in Kiev, Russia, on February 5, 1889. Sangor’s full name and birth information were on his World War I draft card. The U.S. Naturalization Record Index, at Ancestry.com, said Sangor arrived in America on February 25, 1904. At this time it is not known who accompanied him. Sangor’s draft card said his dependents included his mother, so she may have emigrated with him….

Pines's profile and photo are here (http://alphabettenthletter.blogspot.com/2015/02/comics-ned-l-pines.html).

Noah Lewis “Ned” Pines was born in Malden, Massachusetts, on December 10, 1905, according to the Massachusetts Birth Records at Ancestry.com and Who’s Who in Commerce and Industry (1965), Volume 14. Pines’s first name, Noah, was recorded in the census records from 1910 to 1930….