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12-16-2014, 01:44 PM
I was asked to help with a Transformers webcomic. I use crow quill pens, the pen does what I wan't 70% of the time. Here are the inks and the pencils they went over. Any pointers are welcome.

Rob Norton
12-16-2014, 03:15 PM
now these are a big improvement over those other solider pages you have been working on(which you have shown continual improvement.

but these look much better over all. the penciled pages look detailed and fun..the quintessons all look pretty solid. I like these much more than the other stuff you have been doing.

the INKING isn't helping you at all tho. I use crowquill and brush most of the time. my first thought was to say don't use it, but then you never learn how if you stop. maybe its better to say practice with it all the time, but in cases of needing finished pretty work, maybe use something else until you get more comfortable with the crowquill.

I suggest Pitt pens and microns in varying sizes. I use them all the time for various stuff. they are easy to control and get a clean line. and then maybe ink and brush for black fill in areas.

also pay attention to how you are inking. in panels 1 and 2, there are places in the pencils that show solid black and it looks good. but in the inks, you made some..weird choices... where is the solid black? there are some sketchy looking lines and ..not sure whats going on. don't be afraid of using solid black shadows to help define your forms. its tricky but it REALLY makes a difference.

and pay attention to the lines you are laying down.. they are so sketchy and unsure...kinda scribbly with the inking. im guessing that's a result of the crowquill..believe me, I know how those lines can come out. and the pen can grab the paper and flick the tip...and the ink stops flowing.
that's why I recommend using inking pens. you might be SO much happier. crowquill is an awesome, and dying skill...and im not saying stop attempting it. but you can do both. I know I have a pile of different things to use.

and another thing. you are showing inked pages, so I would guess these are FINISHED pages. in that case, fix the borders. make them solid pretty black lines....
nice panel borders, proper margins so it looks like a finished page... all go a long way to make this stuff look BETTER. if I was at home, id save this image and do a little clean up to show you what I mean.

but overall..STILL...these are some of the strongest pages I have ever seen. and yay for quintessons. I drew a big splash page with them over in my art thread, with about ...I don't know..15 of them. it was a HUGE pain in my ass.. but I liked how it came out.


12-18-2014, 09:42 PM
Thanks Rob I always appreciate the crits/compliments. I'm glad you like the pencils, this is an unpaid gig and I didn't plan on sticking around too long but maybe I will, it's a lot of fun! Regarding inks I've used microns and they did quite well but all my fine tipped microns died out after about 5 sequential pages and the thicker ones killed my detail. I've been recommended zebra pens which are a higher end quill, but I want to get at least half decent with my off brand quills before making that expense. I've also considered digital inks, I've never gone digital before but the consistency and solid blacks when done right looks really good. I just thinks I'd need a tablet to ink digitally.