View Full Version : Milestones a comic short movie

Roberto de la Torr
11-22-2014, 08:33 PM

Roberto de la Torre here.
I started drawing here with Bloodrayne and thanks to this forum and the Bloodrayne comic,Marvel comics contacted to me to work with they from 2003 or 04,dont remember. Since then,a lot of character to draw,Dare Devil,Spiderman,Iron Man,Ms.Marvel,Cap America....
Now Im working on Valiant comics.

So,if you want you can! Keep it up!

If you have some question about comic book industry,Im here for you ;)

Also,Im working on a road movie comic book style.
We have a Kickstarter campaign to get a minimum budget for shot this short movie.
Most of the rewards be come original comic pages from my 10 years working in Marvel and also commissions of whatever scene or character you want.

Please,check it out!

Everything you can donate is golden for us!

Thank you so much.