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10-26-2014, 08:06 PM
Fist of Justice was the Greatest Defender of Charm City in the 70s and now he's back. But things in the 21st Century are... different.

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After last issue's surprise ending, can Ellison Maximillan be trusted? What's going on at the Kane Institute? Can Dr. Benson help Blaze control his powers and is Carl okay? What's delivered in the mail that has Harlan so surprised? And just what's the deal with this flying misanthrope that has his sights set directly on Fist of Justice? We've got questions -- you want answers and they're all inside issue #7!

https://s3.amazonaws.com/ksr/assets/002/527/995/83a643adf15514f7dfede4326301d782_large.jpg?1409728 389


Creators: Mike Imboden and Ed Dukeshire - Mike writes, Ed letters (but has plans to take over the art chores starting with issue #8)! Yeah, you read that right. So let's do this! We. Are. Digital Webbing!

Artist: Pow Rodrix - Pow has drawn for Marvel and DC on titles such as Justice League America, Wolverine, Lady Death. He most recently finished Joe Martino's Red Anvil comic Cyberine, hey, that's a hint that all Joe's supporters should jump on this book too! Pow is also offering a commission of any character you want as one of our rewards this time. Don't miss it!

Colorist: Edemilson Alexandre - Edemilson has colored our last issue and this issue (the panels you see above are from this issue). He's a great find! He gives FOJ a great new school look you can't miss!

Copy Editor: Mike Exner III - Mike helps keep us on our toes, to be as clear as possible with our stories. Without him, we'd be like those indy comics that have spelling errors or missing words!

Cover Colorist: Matt Webb - Matt has been working on FOJ with us since day one. He colored the very first story and several flashback sequences for us, as well as our Kickstarter prints. He is now officially part of Team Justice with our covers!

Art Print Artist: Morgan Welborn - Morg drew the print being offered as part of the FOJ #7 package in this Kickstarter. He actually drew this for us last time and we wanted to make a poster out of it, but weren't able to. Now we have the next best thing; a print! Morg is also offering up his drawing skills with a commission of any character you want! Get it before it's gone!

Now on Kickstarter: http://kck.st/1vpIQNR