View Full Version : B&N Week 198: Are You Taking Advantage Of Digital?

Steven Forbes
10-15-2014, 12:57 AM

Itís another Tuesday! Weíre in the middle of October, and while some parts of the country are only hitting the mid 70ís, weíre projected to hit the 90ís here in sunny Tucson. No hate, please. Iím just the messengerÖ

This week, we have another deceptively simple question: are you taking advantage of digital?

Iím not talking about creating digitally. Iím talking about selling digitally. There are some great tools out there, as well as pros and cons. Letís look at some of them.

Everyone knows about digital comics. It was supposed to be the savior of the industryóuntil the brick and mortar stores understood that it could kill their business. All fears were eventually allayed, though, when publishers hobbled themselves by selling digital equivalents a few weeks after their physical counterparts. Eventually, we got parity with digital comics being sold at the same time as their physical counterparts, but it took some doing. [And who would have guessed that Archie would have led that push? I didnít see that coming.]

If you want to make any real money in digital comics, you have to know where the money is. Right now, thatís at comiXology. Do you know what you get when your digital comic is up there?

First, youíre on millions of devices. Potentially, hundreds of millions of phones and tablets and computers.

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