View Full Version : Cocaine Disco Kickstarter thread

10-02-2014, 07:36 PM
Hey everybody, I'm starting this thread to post updates and art from the first issue of Cocaine Disco as we near our launch date for the kickstarter I'll try to post more and more. This is just an easy way for me to answer questions and get feedback

Cocaine Disco is a crime noir that takes place in the mid 70s, set in the summer of a serious cocaine shortage in Las Vegas. The antihero of the story, longtime hitman, David Cameron, is tasked with overseeing a big coke deal with a new connection, all while teaching his boss's son the rules of the game. Things quickly spiral out of control when a van of masked men hit the deal, killing multiple people, wounding Cameron, and getting away with the cocaine and the money.
The new connect gives Cameron 48 hours to make things right and Cameron's retirement is pushed back indefinitely.

you can read the first five pages and check out the preview kickstarter at

most of the rewards are set in stone now and we should have a video up in the next week or so, lots of other guest pinups, the wraparound cover to issue #1, and possibly a preview of Damsel Suicide's cosplay photoshoot

please take the time to check out the kickstarter, read the pages and let me know what you think.