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09-15-2014, 07:13 PM
New Comic Day (NCD) is a weekly webcomic posting every Wednesday on www.newcomicday.net. We describe it as "Looney Tunes Meets Clerks" as it has elements of chatting in a comic shop, and zany stuff like stealing the Batmobile.

http://www.comicrelated.com/graphics/logos/NCDlogo2014-blue-300px.png (http://kck.st/1tsbngQ)

NCD began in 2009 on www.comicrelated.com, created by Eric Ratcliffe and Bill Gladman, and has updated nearly every week since. And now, we are running a Kickstarter to fund a 152-page hardcover featuring the first 5 years of the webcomic in print, with additional content.

Included in the incentive rewards are physical and digital copies of the hardcover, as well as our annotated Volume 1 collecting the first year with commentary and factoids. Also included are t-shirts, cameos in the strip, exclusive sketches, etc.

The hardcover features the work of Eric Ratcliffe (current sole writer), Bill Gladman (former co-writer), Chad Strohl (original artist), Jim Gallo (former artist), George Amaru (current artist), Lisa Moore (former colorist), Alyssa Justice (former colorist), Phil Hester, various others, and myself, Brant Fowler (letterer).

Please check out the project and support it if you like:


And check out the weekly strip at www.newcomicday.net or www.comicrelated.com every Wednesday!