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07-12-2014, 07:04 AM
The Sum of Light Comic Book Crowd Funding on Kickstarter : http://kck.st/1ruJkx2

June 30 - July 24, 2014
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After three successful campaigns, independent sequential artist Brian McCranie returns to Kickstarter to fund a print run of Issue #2 of The Sum of Light comic book series. Once again, McCranie will write, pencil, ink and color the independent comic, edited by sci-fi/fantasy writer Laine Lolauc and lettered by P.A. Nolte.

Issue #1 challenged the idea that Lovecraft fanatics would be reluctant to embrace a Cthulhu mythos story-line taking place in the present day that incorporates the bluster of popular action-adventure comics and cult films. Tentacle fans have proven keen to take on McCranie’s mash-up of Elder Gods, film noir icons, and an anti-hero who evokes a less altruistic, metal-plated version of Snake Plissken.

Fans of McCranie’s unmistakable art style will be thrilled with the panoply of cool locations and new characters in Issue #2, especially the chance to see more of the mysterious machinery in Gabe’s basement HQ and an epic glimpse of The Mountains of Madness that hints at cool things to come in Issues #3 and #4. Although McCranie is best known for awesome pencils and inking, many have praised his coloring on the Sum of Light Issue #1 and are sure to be pleased that he’s still coloring Issue #2 himself.
As on previous projects, McCranie has invited a pal from the world of mainstream comics to contribute, this time scoring inks on the cover of SoL Issue #2 by veteran inker Ray Snyder, known for work on Wonder Woman, and Supergirl, and currently working on The Terminator released by Dark Horse Comics.

If the modest $2,000 goal of this crowd sourcing campaign is met, the creator plans a stretch goal to launch a web comic which will expand on the world of The Sum of Light and give some lucky backers the chance to be immortalized as comic book heroes, villains, or messily slaughtered cameos. Limited edition art prints and cameos are expected to sell out fast, so visit the project on Kickstarter before the campaign ends at 1:00PMUS EST on Thursday, July 24, 2014:
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