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06-01-2014, 09:13 PM
Hello everyone,

My name is Todd Black, and I am the writer and creator of a comic book called Guardians.

We've released 4 issues so far, a free prologue issue, and the first arc of our series called the Winds of Change.

To continue however, we're going to Kickstarter to raise money to fund the next few issues.

If you would be so kind, would you mind helping us continue by pledging to this Kickstarter? As this is Kickstarter, we have plenty of great rewards for you to check out. From copies of the comic, to paperbacks with special variant covers, to getting drawn into Guardians #4! And we have some bigger rewards as well, but I'll let you see those for yourself.

Below, you'll find the link to the Kickstarter. If you pledge I'd be in your debt. If you can't, I understand, but would you at least spread the word? That would be great as well.

I hope you'll consider helping us out, we really want to continue Guardians, and with your help, we might just be able to do that.


06-02-2014, 11:59 AM
My apologies, in my haste to post this thread I neglected to mention what my comic was about. Allow me to fix that.

Guardians is my take on the superhero genre. A city in need calls out for help, and the maker of the universe answers their cry by sending two heroes to them, Element and Chaos. Two brother united by a single goal: To protect the people of Delta City.

As time goes on though, the Guardians begin to realize that they don't have all the answers they thought they did. For example, though they can control their powers perfectly, they have no idea how to interact with the people they're trying to protect.

Also, since they were created to protect, all they do is wait to be needed. But is there more to their life than that? One of them thinks there should be, the other thinks the missions should take precedence.

It's this question of "Is there more to my life than just my purpose?" that's going to fuel the stories of Guardians going forward. The Guardians NEED to learn that there is more to their life than just being the Guardians of Delta City. As each storyline unfolds, they'll learn critical lessons that'll allow them to evolve. Some will come naturally, some will be forced upon them, and some will not go over well at all.

More than anything though, Guardians is truly about the brotherhood between Element and Chaos. Watching them interact with each other and the people of Delta is a joy, and it will be fun to watch them grow as the series goes on and new characters are introduced.

So, I hope this will inspire you to pledge to the Kickstarter. We really could use your help, and I really want to continue my series. Any and all help is appreciated. I thank you once again for your time.

Oh, and as a little treat, here is the cover for Guardians #4, which is first of two issues that the Kickstarter is basically funding.