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04-08-2014, 04:01 PM
Just playing around trying to progress in this writing thing. Let me know how this is. The characters are obvious, familiar characters from the X-men and also Nightmare On Elm Street. There is an Easter egg in there for anyone who is a fan of Wolverine and I would like to pay respects to all of the past writers for the character's development.

Here is the full thing at 10 pages in length:


Here are the first five pages:

PAGE ONE(four panels)
Panel 1. A large wide panel of the X-Men and The Brotherhood of mutants at a standoff in the middle of a large city street. It is sometime in the afternoon. Both groups face to face, with Magneto hovering over the brotherhood(includes: Toad, Sabretooth, The Juggernaut, Quicksilver, The Scarlet Witch, The Blob, Mastermind, and Mystique.) Cyclops in the front of the X-Men directing them at the enemy force(includes: Wolverine, Gambit, Rouge, Morph, Jean Grey, Beast, Storm, Jubilee, and Colossus.) All with their costumes from the 90's animated series.

Magneto: Crush the X-Men, and their human pets!

Panel 2. Small panel of The Juggernaut and Colossus going head to head. Their hands are interlocked as they try to overpower one another.

Panel 3. Gambit distracts the Juggernaut, by throwing his explosive playing cards at the juggernaut.

Juggernaut: You think that will stop the Juggernaut!
SFX: Vont!

Panel 4. The Juggernaut swings Colossus into the trajectory of the cards; Which, then hit Colossus in the back.

Colossus: Aahhgg!
SFX: Krrkshsh!

PAGE TWO(six panels)
Panel 1. The blob is hoisting a medium sized car over his head, and with wolverine standing just before him with his claws bared.

Blob: You are no match for the Blob, little man.
SFX: Krrscht!

Panel 2. The Blob throws the car at Wolverine, who jumped over the car toward the blob, as the front end crashes into the ground where Wolverine was standing.
Blob: I will crush all the X-Men!

Panel 3. Wolverine lunges at the Blob as Toad's tongue, comes from off panel and wraps around Wolverine's torso.

Wolverine: Nobody gettin crushed round here, bub.
Wolverine: Huh?!?

Panel 4. Toad throws Wolverine through the shop window of a hardware store. The lights are out in the shop.

SFX: Kitchit!

Panel 5. Wolverine emerges through the dark hardware store, rage apparent on his face. He has his sights set on Toad now.

Wolverine: Big mistake.

Panel 6. Wolverine running toward Toad his claws drawn and ready to take his life.

SFX: Huuaarrgh!

PAGE THREE(six panels)
Panel 1. The Blob forces his stomach into the path of Wolverine, sending him soaring through the air.

Blob: You know you shouldn't run with sharp objects.
SFX: Boing!

Panel 2. Wolverine is flying through the air from where he had been fighting The Blob and Toad, toward the still battling Juggernaut. Juggernaut is fighting Gambit, who is standing back throwing cards at a distance, and Jubilee, sending sparks flying directly into his face at point blank as he shields himself with is enormous hand.

SFX: Raagghhh!

Panel 3. Close up on the Juggernaut's face as he looks back and notices Wolverine's approach.

Panel 4. The Juggernaut has turned away from his previous attackers and is now throwing a downward punch; Which, is coming down on Wolverine as he comes close to the Juggernaut.

Juggernaut: Your efforts are futile!

Panel 5. The Juggernaut has punched Wolverine directly into the ground causing him to form a small crater. A small dust cloud forms around the impact sight.

Juggernaut: You cannot stop the Juggernaut!
SFX: Crunch!

Panel 6. Show a close up on the crater, which completely engulfed Wolverine. You do not see him, just the top of the hole.

PAGE FOUR(six panels)
Panel 1. Show the same panel as page three, panel 6. The only difference would be that the panel is dark, as though it instantly turned to midnight.

Panel 2. Wolverine climbs out of the crater, he is a little shook up. The city that the battle had been taking place is completely leveled. Nothing but crumbled buildings and craters around the entire location. Wolverine is the only person visible.

Wolverine: That hurt...

Panel 3. Wolverine is looking around to see nothing around him but a wasteland. He keeps his composer. He is scratching his head.

Wolverine: How long have I been out?

Panel 4. Close up shot on Wolverine's angry eyes.

Off Panel: Hello James, or do you prefer Wolverine?

Panel 5. Wolverine is crouched down, claws drawn, and extended to his sides. He is looking around for the origin of the strange voice.

Wolverine: Come on out, bub.
Wolverine: Lets put a face to that stench.

Panel 6. Front view of Wolverine in the same stance as before with a scowl on his face. Freddy Krueger is standing behind Wolverine, tipping his hat with his thumb and his bladed index finger.

Freddy: Well, I wouldn't want to disappoint my guest.
Freddy: Welcome to your wildest dream.

PAGE FIVE(six panels)
Panel 1. Wolverine whips around quickly to strike Freddy, who blocked the left hook with his bladed hand. Freddy has a big smile on his face. Wolverine has his teeth clenched tight.

Wolverine: Who the hell are ya!?!

Panel 2. Freddy still locked claws with Wolverine, leans in with a smile to say.

Freddy: I, my boy, am your worst nightmare.
Wolverine: Do you know who you are talking to?

Panel 3. Freddy disappeared and Wolverine is by himself again, but he is in an old colonial style home, just inside the front door. There is a tall stair that extended to the high second story of the home. Wolverine still looks like his modern self, but there are dull candles lit around the house and no electricity.

Wolverine: Great, looks like I'm dealin with a telepath.
Wolverine: I hope you know what you're doin cause I can tell ya...

Panel 4. Close up on Wolverine, who looks livid.

Wolverine: I'm the best there is at what I do, but what I do best isn't very nice.

Panel 5. Wolverine whips his head around to look upstairs when he hears a creak come from the floorboards on the second floor.

Wolverine: Messin with my head like this really pisses me off.
SFX: Creeeeak!
Panel 6. Wolverine starts calmly climbing the stairs with his fists clenched with rage.
Wolverine: Jus wanted to warn ya for when I finally sink my claws into ya.