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03-12-2014, 05:58 PM
I'm launching a Kickstarter project for my comic BAIT (https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/130252406/bait-issue-1) today. It would be awesome if you would check it out and contribute a little. I don't just mean $$, any feedback or tips from this crowd is worth just as much to me.

BAIT is the story of Ethan, a young man with the ability to attract violence. A crappy superpower that puts his life in danger every time he steps outside. This sucks for him but for a group of monster hunters searching for their elusive and deadly prey, someone with Ethan's ability is just what they need. BAIT is a comic that mixes horror, action and comedy to tell the tragic story of a guy who is used as monster bait.


Max Romaine
03-12-2014, 07:51 PM
I really like nearly everything about this project which is unusual for me because your art is a bit cartoony. Generally not my cup of tea, but your style makes it work. And yes, I'm gonna say it: Kudos for doing something that isn't !?@#$?! superheroes! The concept is unique enough to make me want to read this.

I only have one little problem, and that is your technique of detailing your work with very light, fine lines and outlining everything with a heavy black line. It's like the logical opposite of the white halo effect some artists like to use that I personally don't like, but to me this is even worse because the heavy outline makes all the other lines seem insignificant by comparison which makes the characters and objects look like cardboard cut-outs; flat and insubstantial. I admire you for attempting something different but I'm not sure it really works. My first thought upon seeing the cover was that it looked unfinished. Then I saw the Kickstarter page and realized the technique was deliberate. I love the way you draw, but that outline is extremely distracting to me and makes it hard to enjoy the art as a whole because my eye is constantly being drawn to the heavy outline which minimizes everything else.

Just my two cents, though. Other than that, I can't see any reason why this book wouldn't be a success. Good work! :thumbs:

03-12-2014, 08:42 PM
Thanks for checking it out and thanks for pointing out it's uniqueness. I'd rather make something innovative than popular. Comics are a flexible medium, there's room for more than tights and capes. I think the community is starting to understand that.

That black outline is definitely an issue. I've posted my stuff on other places and have been hearing the same thing. It's just too distracting and contrasting. I got to work on that. If I get to make issue 3, i'm tweaking it a little. Thanks again for taking the time to check it out.

03-14-2014, 01:11 PM
The Kickstarter's not really going anywhere so i'm posting a large preview at my website. My main goal is to get people to read this thing, so here's most of it.