View Full Version : B&N Week 167: How Disciplined Do You Have To Be To Create Comics?

Steven Forbes
03-04-2014, 10:50 PM
Hey! It’s another Tuesday! The sun is shining, we’re regularly hit the upper 70s and low 80s in Tucson (along with a full day of rain, which is unusual), and the days are getting demonstrably longer. How do I know? I have to wear shades going in to work now, and the sun is lighting my way as I open the door when I get back home. Twelve hour shifts. Not complaining, just stating a fact.

Anyway, it’s time to ask this week’s B&N question, and it’s this: how disciplined do you have to be to create comics?

I’m going to tell you a truth: most of us creating comics are doing so on the side. We all do something for money, but we’re creating comics because we have a passion for it. Only the most skilled and bravest of us are able to not only get to “live the dream” of being entirely freelance, but are able to make a good living at it as well.

Understand what “living the dream” entails, though. It means having no medical or dental insurance unless you’re married and are covered by your spouse; it means not having any guaranteed, steady income; it means always looking for work, even while you’re already working. It means all of that and more. Being a freelancer, being your own boss, means you have to be very disciplined.

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