View Full Version : B&N Week 163: How Often Do You Adapt Other Stories To Comics?

Steven Forbes
02-04-2014, 01:25 PM
Itís another Tuesday! Weíve got some gentle rain currently falling in Tucson, and while it isnít typically our rainy season, Iíll take it. [It was just 80 degrees last week, folks. Go figure.] Anyway, letís get into some Bolts & Nuts, shall we?

This weekís question is simple: how often do you adapt other stories to comics?

Well, now, this one isnít as straightforward as it sounds. Iím going to do a bit of backtracking for a moment, show my age, prove that Iím a heterosexual male, and a comic geek, and a lover of film all at once. And Iím going to prove it by asking a simple question.

Did you know the movie Barb Wire is really just Casablanca?

Of course, this was when Pamela Anderson still had a career and was a sex symbol, and when the ďbad girlĒ craze was going on, but make no mistake, the film adaptation of the Barb Wire property is nothing more than a terrible, sexed up, wannabe action reimagining of the movie classic, Casablanca.

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