View Full Version : JLA Screenplay Excerpt 2: Superman meets Wonder Woman

Screwtape Jenkins
12-10-2013, 10:21 PM
Continuing the battle for Metropolis, where mankind gets its first look at DC's superheroes, who are also getting their first look at each other.

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Green Lantern and Superman continue repelling the bulk of the enemy warships. But Superman is distracted by a large explosion behind him.

He looks down to see missiles bizarrely and randomly zigzagging into the air; aimed at no discernible target. Some explode into populated buildings and set them on fire.

His SUPER POV locates the source of this incompetent missile attack - on the street, Wonder Woman is batting away missiles shot at her by Behemoths, heedless of where those missiles land.

Superman descends, streaks around the block using his super-breath to blow out the building-fires Wonder Woman is accidentally causing.

Meanwhile, Wonder Woman leaps up to grab one of the warships that flew down into her range. She breaks into a SUPER-SPIN and tosses it into the air.

Superman STREAKS over and snatches the Warship out of the air, seconds before it would have slammed into a populated apartment building.

Now supremely annoyed, he carries the Warship down to have a word with this reckless woman.

SUPERMAN: What do you think you’re doing?!

Wonder Woman turns to him, and Superman is visibly taken aback by how gorgeous she is.

Wonder Woman is also momentarily stunned by the sight of Superman. His face slightly obscured sun just behind his head, Superman glows like a god as he hovers overhead.


SUPERMAN: Uh.. I asked, what are you doing?

WONDER WOMAN: I'm winning.

SUPERMAN: By hurting innocent people?

WONDER WOMAN: By killing my enemies.

Flash suddenly appears next to Superman. He looks him over; shocked.

FLASH: Wow! You’re real, too?

Superman takes in Flash’s costume.

SUPERMAN: What are you supposed to be?

Flash takes out a group of infantry men in a split-second.

FLASH: Fast. You?

Superman smashes an approaching Behemoth DOWN THROUGH THE STREET like he was swatting a fly. Then glares at Wonder Woman.

SUPERMAN: Annoyed. We need to draw their fire away from the city.

WONDER WOMAN: No, we need to take the fight to their front!

Ignoring them, Flash scans the skyline.

FLASH: Did you guys see the Batman? I think I saw the Batman.

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