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10-02-2013, 02:45 AM
Been a while since I posted here. Not good. Anyway, this was an idea I had to start off a new Question series set in the New 52 and decided to share it with you guys for fun. And to see what I'm doing wrong.

In this version, Vic Sage is a reporter with the Daily Planet and the Question operates in Metropolis. He and Clark Kent are aware of each other and have an unspoken rule that Sage handles the subtle stuff like corruption and organised crime.

The basic idea for this is a crime series featuring a hero that doesn't always necessarily fight the crime himself, he does so by gathering evidence and giving it to the cops anonymously or by writing about what he finds in his articles. He is also sometimes aided by his friend in the MPD, Renee Montoya, who has transferred from Gotham.

Their dynamic is professional only, since Renee is a lesbian and this version of Sage is asexual. Renee is the more down to earth of the two. Sage is mostly based on the version from the JLU cartoon, a crackpot conspiracy theorist, usually coming up with the more outlandish and seemingly impossible theories while Renee posits simpler and more likely possibilities.


Page One (Four Panels)

Panel One: We open inside a dingy warehouse, under a single light. On the borders, we can see nameless goons in the shadows, looking down on the man with hands bound and kneeling in the centre of the light spot, the Question. His hat and coat are missing, under the mask his face is swelling and his clothes look ripped and, in some cases, burnt. His left knee is bleeding.

(Lettering note: Question's word balloons should be wavy and small to help emphasise that he's about to pass out)

Caption: Light's too bright.

Question: I'd like to... apologise... for disturbing...

Caption: Possible concussion. Knee might be fractured. Shouldn't be putting so much weight on it.

Question: You gentlemen... this evening...

Panel Two: From behind Question, looking over his shoulder, we see the Tobias Whale stepping into the light. He's still heavily shadowed due to his size, though. Whale has a big smirk on his face, overjoyed to be able to kill a superhero.

Caption: Tobias Whale. He's here to try and seize some power in Metropolis' drug trade.

Question: But I'm... surprised to... see you here...

Panel Three: Close in on Whale. He knows Question is either trying to draw out information or stall for time. It's just fueling his ego even more.

Whale: I wouldn't miss the death of a hero for the world.

Panel Four: Pull out so we can see the goons start moving closer to Question.
Whale: Make it quick!

Page Two (Five Panels)

Panel One: One of the goons grabs Question by the hair with his left hand and has a small knife in his hand, like he's about to slip the Question's throat.

Panel Two: Before either can move, the goon's head is shot off by a sniper from outside the warehouse.


Panel Three: Whale starts panicking, looking around to see where the shot came from.

Panel Four: He shields his eyes as he looks at a window. A searchlight is shining right at him.

Whale: ARRGH!

Panel Five: One of the doors bursts open to let SWAT burst in.


Page Three (Seven panels)

Panel One: Question stands up as the goons scatter.

Question: Thanks for... making my... job easier...

Panel Two: Whale glowers at Question.

Whale: I'll be out soon, hero.

Panel Three: We're behind Question now and can see he has managed to free his hands, one of which has one of his smoke bombs in it.

Panel Four: He drops the bomb and smoke swallows him.

Panel Five: The smoke disappears and Question is gone as the cops move to take Whale into custody.

Panel Six: Outside, near the cop cars set up to establish a perimeter, we see Question stumbling as he tries to make his escape.

Caption: Should have gone for the sewers.

Panel Seven: He collapses to the ground.

Page Four (Five Panels)

Panel One: Black Panel.

Caption: Fight it... don't pass out...

Panel Two: POV Vic Sage, who is opening his eyes. Everything is fuzzy. He's looking up at a ceiling.

Caption: Wake up. Wake up and get moving.

Panel Three: Still Vic's POV. Renee Montoya leans in to check if he's okay. Everything is a little clearer now.

Renee: Vic? Vic, you all right?

Panel Four: Switch perspectives so we can see we're in Renee's apartment in the early morning. It's a small one-bedroom with clothes and garbage all over the place. Vic is lying on the couch, his mask gone but still in his clothes. We can see his face is swollen and he has a black eye. Renee is sitting next to him in a tank top and sweat pants, her hair mussed up from sleeping.

Vic: I'm fine... detective...

Renee: Good, you looked half-dead when I found you last night.

Panel Five: Vic sits up, groaning.

Vic: Urgh, at least you found the place.

Renee: You could have been more specific. There are seven warehouses on 21st.

Vic: I trusted you were intelligent to figure out which I meant, Renee.

Page Five (Six Panels)

Panel One: Vic gets up, groaning from the pain.

Vic: Ah, I need to get to work.

Renee: Same. I found some leads on the Driver kidnapping.

Panel Two: Vic looks at Renee, surprised. Renee just humours him.

Vic: I already told you, Luthor has her.

Renee: Then why was she seen at her father's yesterday?

Vic: Most likely a hologram.

Panel Three: Change scene to an hour later. We get an establishing shot of the Daily Planet.

Panel Four: Down in the lobby, Clark Kent is about to get into an elevator as Vic hobbles towards him.

Vic: Clark! Hold please!

Panel Five: Clark keeps the door open and looks concerned as he takes in Vic's injuries.

Clark: Oh dear, shouldn't you be home, resting?

Vic: The news doesn't stop for one man, Clark.

Panel Six: The elevator doors close. Vic's eyes go wide.

Clark: Still, do you want to make Whale's damage permanent?


The rest of the issue establishes Clark and Vic already know who each other are and that Vic is very paranoid, even logging into the DP Infonet under different names every time. While researching for more things to keep Whale locked up, he finds a dummy company tied to Lexcorp and goes to investigate their offices, however the knee problems keep him from being too stealthy.

Vic barely escapes, but manages to find evidence that Luthor is bribing some cops to completely ignore the going ons of a certain section of the city. Vic calls up Renee about this and discovers that Renee has found the Driver girl and returned her to her mother. The cops taking bribes are suspended the next day, but there's a To Be Continued as Vic decides to investigate the building in issue two.