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09-20-2013, 10:01 PM
I had posted the first couple pages of #1 (http://measahh1.blogspot.com) on here a while back, as well as over at Comix Tribe. But since the two are becoming one I figured I'd throw this up here. What I have for everyone today is the first eight pages of continuing adventures of Sparky and his crew. I'd love to hear what everyone thinks! (DISCLAIMER: Some swearing but nothing graphic)

PAGE #1 - 5 Panels

Panel 1: A wide shot of Sparky, Shroomy, Smokey and Chuck all in a clearing in the woods. Shroomy and Smokey are on the left sitting next to each other roasting hot dogs over a campfire. Smokey has a responsible 2 on his stick. Shroomy has like seven on a stick that looks like he ripped it off a buck. Sparky is on the other side reclined back onto his backpack drinking a bottle of beer. Chuck is in the background with his back to us holding up some kind of electrical device. It is just a small handheld box with a few lights on it and an antenna. Chuck seems to be scanning the trees that compose the background. Above the trees is a clear starry night.

Shroomy: I still can’t believe you won’t talk about it Sparky…
Shroomy: It’s just a kiss.
Chuck: Yeah one he’s been waiting for since fifth grade.
Shroomy: You gonna obsess over this one like last time?
Sparky: Know what? Fuck you both! You try waiting a DECADE for a second kiss!
Sparky: Besides I plan on there being many more.
Smokey: Have you even talked to her since the dance?

Panel 2: Looking over the top of the fire at Sparky who is looking into the empty bottle of beer.

Sparky: We’ve talked. Hung out once or twice. She’s busy with studying.
Sparky: Unlike us she has to earn her grades.

Panel 3: 2-Shot of Smokey and Shroomy looking at each other confused. Shroomy is chewing one of his seven hot dogs.

Panel 4: A closer in version of Panel 1. Chuck is closer to Smokey and Shroomy still scanning the trees around them. Sparky has sat up and is gesturing toward Chuck with his thumb. They’re all looking at Chuck with the scanner.

Sparky: You know… Our extra-curricular activites.
Shroomy: Speaking of which that FML reader…
Smokey: I told you Shroomy, EMF…
Sparky: Like you… Enormous MotherFucker.
Shroomy: …either way it hasn’t shown us shit.

Panel 5: Chuck is in the foreground in the middle of the panel looking up off panel where he is holding the EMF reader. Behind him in the background on the left Sparky is pulling another beer from his backpack. On the right Shroomy is taking another bite of hot dog. Smokey is poking the fire with a stick.

Smokey: I still can’t believe our ghost hunt turned up nothing.
Sparky: Smokey, out of all of us, I can’t believe you thought it would.
Shroomy: Really? After all we’ve seen?
Shroomy: What do you think happens when we die then?

PAGE #2 - 5 Panels

Panel 1: Looking directly down at their campfire. Sparky has his beer up to his lips the moment before drinking, his eyes are closed and head tilted slightly back. Next to him Chuck is crouched down and is holding a beer freshly pulled from the back pack. On the other side of the fire Smokey is laying down looking up at us. Shroomy is next to him reloading his stick with more hot dogs.

Sparky: Worm food. Eternal dreamless sleep. But who knows? I’ve been wrong before.
Sparky: You guys?
Shroomy: There’s definitely something… Probably heaven and hell.
Smokey: I think our souls are a kind of universal electricity and our bodies the light bulbs.
Smokey: When you turn out a light, the electricity is still there just pumping through something else.
Chuck: How very cosmic karma of you Smokey.
Smokey: And what about you Charles?

Panel 2: Chuck has sat down next to Sparky but we don’t necessarily need to see Sparky. Maybe just the backpack full of beer. Just to give a sense of where Chuck is. He is staring at the fire and twisting the top off his beer.

SFX: ksst

Chuck: God, the Devil, Heaven and Hell for sure.
Shroomy: (o/p) Seriously??

Panel 3: Shroomy’s head and shoulders in the foreground Smokey’s legs and feet stretching away from us. On the other side of the fire Sparky and Chuck are giving each other a fist bump looking at each other very pleased with themselves for being so drastically different. It’s like it’s their own little twin inside joke.

Shroomy: How the hell are you two even related?
Smokey: Worst. Twins. Ever.
Chuck: The Twin Paradox of a Catholic upbringing.
Sparky: I had it beat into and out of me.
Chuck: And it stuck with me.

Panel 4: Looking up at Sparky from a kind of view, he is now standing with his beer raised in salute over the fire.

Sparky: Fuck it. Whatever awaits us I’m sure we’ll get there together.
Sparky: To the afterlife gentlemen!

Panel 5: Pull out from the last panel to include Chuck, Shroomy and Smokey, AND this issue’s client, THADDEUS RICHMOND. Sparky is still standing with his beer raised in salute. Thad has materialized next to him with his beer mug raised next to Sparky’s beer. Thad glows blue and is semi-transparent. Thad is from the pilgrim times and he is dressed in time era appropriate clothing. He’s about Sparky’s height definitely larger in the waist region, but not as big as Shroomy. More on his background to come. Sparky hasn’t noticed Thad because he sees the rest of the boys reacting to Thad’s sudden appearance. He’s just confused. Thad is smiling. Chuck is still sitting on the ground behind Sparky and he is doing a dramatic spit take. On the other side of the fire Shroomy and Smokey are holding each other eyes bugging out of their heads.


PAGE #3 - 6 Panels

Panel 1: In a wide shot the boys are huddled on the left side of the panel Thad is still standing next to the fire just looking at them.
Sparky: Now what? Tell him haunt the woods all he wants but leave the hikers alone?

Shroomy: Dude he clearly has unfinished business.
Sparky: So we solve it for him and POOF! Buh-by spook?
Chuck: Let’s just ask him why he’s here.

Panel 2: Looking at just the boys in the huddle Sparky has stuck his head up to yell over the top of the other three off panel at Thad.

Sparky: YO! Ghost man! What’s your deal?

Panel 3: The boys in the foreground. Thad is closer to them now. He is floating toward them. He’s probably half way between them and the fire he was just next to.

Thad: Fire doth glow warm
Thad: Be thoust saviors to my soul?
Thad: My cup runneth low
Smokey: Did he just ask for a beer? In a haiku?
Sparky: Ugh. I am not drunk enough for this one.

Panel 4: A group shot of the boys seen through Thad. Not his POV, actually through his body. Chuck has separated himself from the rest who now stand behind him. He is gesturing to himself with his left hand on his chest and with his right he’s trying to count syllables. Smokey and Shroomy are sheepishly waving. Sparky has his arm crossed and looks really annoyed.

Chuck: OK. Ummm…
Chuck: Dead but alive speak
Chuck: Truth thy name? thy death? we be
Chuck: Chuck Sparky Shroomy
Smokey: And Smokey
Sparky: Fuck me. This stupidity is contagious.

Panel 5: Wide shot from the side Sparky is on the extreme left. He has his arms crossed and is facing us. Smokey is standing nearer to Sparky but is nodding towards Chuck, Shroomy and Thad. Chuck has moved a little closer to Thad and Shroomy has joined them. They are on the right side of the panel. Thad is excited to be having his first conversation in 300+ years. There are two conversations going on at once. Smokey and Sparky on the left and Thad and Shroomy and Chuck on the right.

Smokey: Aren’t you coming? This is what we were JUST talking about!
Sparky: Nope. Not enough beer left for me to start contemplating my own mortality tonight.
Sparky: I’m exhausted. I’m delegating this one to you guys.

Thad: Hark! Kindred Soul! Chuck!
Thad: Thaddeus Richmond be I!
Thad: Dead sixteen score thus!
Shroomy: Neat! Lemme try.
Shroomy: How about… Be thou cursed? If nay
Shroomy: What be unfinished for thou?
Shroomy: Lost Love? Tragic end?

Panel 6: Tight bust shot looking down at Sparky falling asleep. His eyes are just about to fully close. He’s laid back against the trunk of a tree. This shot should be lit by the campfire. It will change on the next page.

Thad: (o/p) Tragedy, yes! Love!
Thad: (o/p) Lost to life’s pursuit, po’try
Thad: (o/p) Lost to the afterlife

PAGE #4 - 6 Panels

Panel 1: Same bust shot from last panel last page, but now we are lit by the moon, this is a dream sequence. Sparky is still asleep.

Panel 2: CU on Sparky waking up. Eyes wide open like he was startled awake.

Panel 3: A long shot of Sparky wandering in the woods, we are on ground level with him. He’s off in the background coming towards us. He is on edge, looking off panel to the right. There is a disembodied voice talking to him.

Sparky: Sparkette? Hun?
Sparky: Where are you??
Voice: It is OK. There is no need to worry. You are doing the right thing here.

Panel 4: Looking down at Sparky from up in a tree, a little bit higher than his head level. He’s looking not so much at us but through us. He looks worried and confused. The trees are getting closer to him. Like he is in a thicker part of the woods. His surroundings are getting darker like someone is lowering the dimmer switch on the moon.

Voice: The cost may not be fair but it is the right thing to do.

Panel 5: A mid-shot of Sparky in profile he is in a completely black panel. He has his hands out in front of him trying to feel his way around like he is blind, and he is frantically yelling, panicked and freaking out.

Sparky: Sparkette!
Voice: You always do the right thing.
Sparky: SPARK-ETTE!!!

Panel 6: Back to the bust shot from panel 1. It is daylight now and Sparky is just opening his eyes and he doesn’t look like he actually slept.

PAGE# 5 - 7 Panels

The top of the page is a bird’s eye view of the woods. There are four panels in this part. Each panel is a cut-in/x-ray view of them from above walking through the woods. They are moving top to bottom and zigzagging through the woods. Leave a tiny bit of space at the bottom to show the clearing where they met Smokey in #1.

Panel 1: The boys are heading home. Thad is floating along behind them.

Sparky: So, what’s the damage?
Shroomy: Yer boy here was the town drunk.
Chuck: And self-proclaimed town poet.
Sparky: Right. Of course he was.

Panel 2: Further down.

Smokey: But his poetry was so God-awful it got him banished from the town.

Sparky: No. Shit.
Chuck: No bro, it was seriously deadly.
Chuck: He killed several small animals, even a cow!
Shroomy: Right. So his girl, the town beauty, begged him to stop.

Panel 3: Zig and a Zag.

Sparky: Thank God he listened to her.
Smokey: Well her Dad was the town elder.
Smokey: She knew he was starting to quietly accuse Thad of witchcraft.
Sparky: Wait. I think I can fill in the rest… (cont.)

Panel 4: At the bottom of the woods about to exit.

Sparky: (cont.) …Pops dropped dead at Thadwick’s next “performance” where he was gonna have him tried and arrested and alla that.
Chuck: Exactly! So they just escorted him to the woods and banished him.
Shroomy: Doomed to create poetry ‘til it doesn’t suck anymore.

Panel 5: Looking over Sparky’s shoulder at the rest of them at the tree line. Thad is just sheepishly grinning and has his shoulders and hands up in a shrug. They are all looking toward Sparky like a class looks to a teacher for answers.

Sparky: So glad to be back alive. C’mon let’s get him back to our room.
Chuck: Can’t. He can’t cross in from the woods.
Sparky: Jesus. OK Habeas Corpus. Stay close and out of sight. We’ll work on your case.

Panel 6: CU of Thad nervously still smiling that smile. Like someone who doesn’t speak the same language as Sparky.

Panel 7: Mid-range shot Sparky is walking away from everyone again shaking his head and waving them off. His body language looks deflated. The rest are looking at Thad now almost apologetically for how Sparky is acting.

Sparky: Know what? ‘Nough of this shit for me.
Sparky: Someone translate what I just said.

PAGE# 6 - 6 Panels

Panel 1: Sparky back at his dorm room. He’s dressed in flip-flops, sweats, and a ratty old t-shirt. He has his towel around his shoulders. We are looking dead on at him, far enough back to see all of him. He’s at his door with his hand on the knob, about to open it. He’s looking back over his shoulder in our direction because Sparkette just called to him from off-panel.

Sparkette: (o/p) Hey stranger.

Panel 2: Seen from the side a close two shot of a very awkward moment where he leans in to give her a kiss she tries to give him a hug. He is maybe five or six inches taller than her.

Panel 3: Same Comp. They are hugging and she gives him a peck on the cheek.

Sparkette: You weren’t in class and now I know why… You look like hell.

Panel 4: Seen in profile we are half in and half out of the room. He is holding the door for her with his right and guiding her into the room with his left hand on the small of her back in an affectionate way. He’s smiling and looking at her. She’s slightly ahead of him entering the room also smiling.

Sparky: Heh. Thanks. Not feeling so hot.
Sparky: Bad night’s sleep.
Sparkette: Lucky for you class was cancelled. So I came to see you.

Panel 5: Seen from behind through the only slightly closed door. Sparky is in the foreground turned slightly enough that we can see him checking her out as he closes the door.

Panel 6: Profile from the same side as panel 4. She’s turned around and caught him. He sheepishly grins and shuts the door.

Sparky: What?
Sparkette: Come here you numbskull.
Sparkette: Sit down and let’s talk.

PAGE# 7 - 5 Panels

Panel 1: Body language is going to be crucial during this sequence. Looking directly at Sparky’s bed, we can see enough of it to see all of them as they sit on the bed. She’s sitting on the bed facing us with arms and legs crossed. He sits next to her, open to and facing her. He is sitting up straight. Her face is serious but not stern. He’s just straight faced listening to what she has to say.

Sparkette: SIGH I really like you Sparky. I always have.
Sparkette: BUT I don’t want to be hurt. I can’t seem to let myself fall all the way for you.
Sparky: Ok so what’s stopping you?
Sparkette: On one hand… You treat me like a real lady… (cont.)

Panel 2: Same comp. She’s turned her head to look at him now she hasn’t lightened up, her legs are uncrossed, arms still crossed, upper body turned slightly towards him, lower half still facing us. He’s a little deflated, he’s still facing her but now he’s looking down his expression matches his posture.

Sparkette: (cont.)…when you actually get your shit together enough to show up for a date.

Sparky: I know. It’s not fair to you.
Sparkette: I just want a REAL demonstration of your feelings…
Sparkette: Plan something more than pizza and a movie.
Sparkette: Don’t just say it, do it.

Panel 3: Same comp still. She’s uncrossed her arms and turned fully toward him she’s sitting Indian style. She’s smiling at him now. His posture is still the same but now he’s looking up at her making eye contact with a half-smile on his face.

Sparky: I can definitely handle that.
Sparky: You’ll see you’re the most important thing in my life.
Sparkette: Effin A right I better be.
Sparky: So what else is new?

Panel 4: Now they’re facing each other. We are looking over her shoulder at him. He is leaned back against the bedpost relaxed smile on his face listening to her.

Sparkette: I’ve been really busy working with the poetry club on this extra credit project for local lit class.
Sparkette: They’re going to put on a reading showcasing local poets past and present.

Panel 5: Same comp. She is leaned away in surprise at his reaction. Sparky has sat straight up and is really excited.

Sparky: No shit! I’ve got a guy who would be PERFECT for it!!
Sparky: Awful, dreadful shit by his day’s standards.
Sparky: But today he’d be a pop music GOD!
Sparky: Set it to the right beat, a little auto-tune and POW! Multi-platinum album!!

PAGE #8 - 7 Panels

Panel 1: A two-shot from straight on. She is standing and has just grabbed her bag off the bed to pick it up. He is sitting on the edge of the bed leaned forward about to get up.

Sparkette: Wow. I’m impressed with your enthusiasm for this.
Sparkette: Come to our meeting tonight and keep me company.
Sparkette: Schumacher Hall, 6:30.
Sparky: Definitely. Can’t wait.

Panel 2: Them at the door inside the room. Looking at them in a mid-shot like from the waist up. His left hand is on the door knob his right is around her waist. She’s still close to him, facing him and looking up at him with her hand on his chest. That awkwardness from earlier is gone.

Sparky: This is gonna be a lot of fun.

Panel 3: CU of her giving him the lightest brush of the lips kiss on his.

Panel 4: From behind Sparky looking out the door at Sparkette as she walks away. She’s looking back over her shoulder.

Sparkette: See you later.
Sparky: Absolutely.

Panel 5: Bust shot of him as he closes the door behind him with a big smile on his face.

Panel 6: Him climbing into bed.

Panel 7: CU of him with his eyes closed asleep with the same smile still on his face.