View Full Version : Luther

Steven Forbes
09-09-2013, 11:20 PM
Okay, fine, yes...I'm late to the party.

However, I just binge-watched the two seasons that are on Netflix. It's a very good show, and I really, really enjoyed the music in it. I will have to start getting bands in Europe.

Now, I'm binge-watching The X-Files. I didn't watch it when it was on TV. It started right before I went to boot camp, and I didn't think it was going to last because I was going to like it, so I didn't start to watch it and be disappointed.

Yeah, nine seasons and two feature films later...

09-10-2013, 03:36 AM
Never even heard of Luther. But binge-watching TV shows is great on Netflix. I've gotten hooked on a few because of it; Breaking Bad and recently Sons of Anarchy.