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08-21-2013, 03:04 AM

pencils by Tom Bancroft

Last year Disney artist Tom Bancroft asked me to colour some pinups for his Kickstarter GN book "Opposing Forces", (published this week btw!!!..!) which I did... He then needed something else done but since it was such a small job overall it wasn't worth paying me money for, what with foreign currency exchange and bank fees, so instead I asked him to draw me a Mushu sketch! Tom was one of the art directors on Mulan and was responsible for Mushu in that production. He also worked on The Lion King drawing Timbu and Pumbaa...

Anyway, Tom went one better and instead of giving me just a rough sketch, he sent me this cleaned up scan so I can colour it AND he's posted me the original pencils with my Opposing Forces GN book!!! :D

So after finishing my latest Zenescope Cover (Oz #6 drawn by Richard Ortiz), I set to colouring it up. I went with the cell shade as it suits the lines and character better and besides IT'S SO FLIPPIN' EASY to do... the whole thing must have taken about an hour and a big chunk of that was mucking around with the background.. :)

When the pencils arrive I'll get this printed up at work and then frame them side by side here in my office. :)