View Full Version : Has the Multiverse concept ruined Comic Characters?

08-15-2013, 06:35 PM
I've been thinking about this. I think more than anything this has destroyed characters. The idea in the beginning was a fun concept to solve a problem, introducing new versions of existing characters to explain why they were contemporary to the then current era.
Flash of 2 worlds brought us a different Flash and another universe. Then came the same character only slightly different with versions of Superman, Batman etc. As time wore on What ifs? and Crisis on Infinite Earths, Alternate futures and timelines all made for interesting stories.
I think in concept it's fun but it gave many comics creators the excuse to totally re-invent the characters into pale imitations of what they originally were and then drastically different from what anyone would want or expect them to be all for the sake of change to be different. I read maybe on here that one creator said he wanted a character to be a completely unrecognizable by the time he was through with him.

The reason why I think this ruined the characters is now whenever someone takes over a comic or makes a movie or cartoon they don't bother to consider what made the character relate-able or popular in the first place. Every Joe Scmoe creator wants to put his stamp on the character and changes it into what he wants.

Now all my favorite characters are long gone, destroyed in revamps and universe mergings and re-imaginings. I can understand updating a character and making them relevant but many have completely abandoned the original concept so far that the original character is gone, never to be seen again.

The sad thing is that think that most of this could be solved in an issue. Just start with the characters in a restored position and ignore the silly junk that came before. I like John Byrnes 7 year block rule and don't tie them to the past too much and historical events. However most comic creators feel the need to carry all these universes and revamp history around forever and bog the character down with a convoluted story that the casual reader trying to jump on can't understand without reading 40 years of comics.