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08-02-2013, 02:07 AM
The actor to portray the Twelfth Doctor will be revealed on BBC One.
According to several articles, a big event is to be made of the announcement with current Doctor Matt Smith, show runner Steven Moffat, and various other Who alumni present on a televised special slated to end with the climactic announcement of the new Time Lord.


I've seen the actors considered likely candidates and frankly I'm underwhelmed. Although, admittedly, I could be surprised.
In my mind, here is the preferred scenario:

***CAUTION*** If you are not Who-conscious, this will mean nothing to you!

Following the introduction of John Hurt as the "Doctor" existing between what we know to be the Eighth and Ninth incarnations, the Eighth Doctor will have been bumped (along with his single mainstream appearance) from continuity and be reintroduced as the new Doctor?
Why? Because, even though the ill-fated 1996 Doctor Who movie didn't do the man proper justice, in subsequent non-canon Dr. Who audio adventures and so-on, Paul McGann was a fantastic (sorry to Nine for stealing his word) Doctor. Most Who fans who have knowledge beyond the 2005 series reboot agree that he should have seen much greater fame as The Doctor than what was afforded him at the time.


What about you? Who do you hope to see as the next Doctor?

08-04-2013, 08:11 PM