View Full Version : Oz 4 cover

07-19-2013, 04:50 AM

Pencils and inks by Ken Lashley

Now out in solicitations for October 2013 on comicscontinuum.com

I had this sent to me late and so instead of a nice casual easy week to get it done, suddenly I'm colouring it in 2 nights flat! Doing so while at the same time doing the day job as a teacher, and marking the year 8's tests in the same time! - ack!


07-20-2013, 07:01 PM
Hey Sean, I like it, but I would like to see have seen some more pink in the back ground separating the planes a bit more. Also, I'm not a fan of the holds on the main character, I would normally save those for objects in the background, or maybe the hair on certain characters. I just think it takes some emphasis off of her form. Opinions aside, the rendering is solid and looks good as usual. Keep up the good work. I still remember that contest you won years ago that was of a hand holding a sword, not sure what the title was.