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05-01-2013, 01:58 PM
This is something I've had kicking around in my head for almost 15 years but I finally felt like it had a direction to go and this is the first step. What I'm posting is the first 7 pages of a full script I'm working on transcribing now. Please take a look and tell me what you think!! Thanks!


PAGE #1 5 Panels

Panel 1: A small spaceship shaped like a ham tin floating idle in deep space.

ShipNAV: (burst) Engines are offline.
Porky: I know.

Panel 2: A pig in a shiny space suit punches buttons on a console.

ShipNAV: ( Displayed on a screen) Life supports systems @ 23%
Porky: I KNOW.

Panel 3: CU of Porky grimacing/sulking with his eyes closed.

Panel 4: Same as panel 3.

ShipNAV: (burst) Destination is 3.17235 glombules away.

Panel 5: Same comp. but now Porky’s eyes are open and he’s paying attention.

Porky: I didn’t know that.

PAGE #2 3 Panels

Panel 1: This looks like a postcard. A small mountain town nestled into a large forest. In the middle of the town is Delhionta University, a small state school with about 2500 students. In the sky above this picturesque view is an asteroid the same size as the ham tin from page #1.

CAPT: Hey there,
CAPT: Welcome to Delhionta.

Panel 2: Looking up at SPARKY watching the asteroid pass overhead. He is tall and lanky. His hair makes him look like a lit match. He’s wearing jeans and a t-shirt with his backpack slung over one shoulder. He’s lighting a cigarette.

CAPT: I’m Sparky Sparks.

Panel 3: Long shot of the asteroid crashing in the woods in the background. Sparky is in the foreground walking towards with purpose and confidence. He’s blowing out a puff of smoke. Other students are pointing at and reacting to the crashing asteroid.

CAPT: Yeah,
(smoke puff)
CAPT: That Sparky Sparks.

PAGE #3 5 Panels

Panel 1: Sparky is standing in the doorway with his foot out like he just kicked the door in. (he did) The door slams against the wall. In the foreground to the left of the panel is a bunk bed. The top bunk is mostly out of frame , but there is a hand hanging down from it. The whole bed doesn’t need to be seen just enough to know what it is.

Sparky: Ay-yoooo!! Shrooom-ay! Weeeee got one!!

Panel 2: Same comp. There is a mass falling to the floor from the top bunk. Sparky is still in the door way smacking his forehead in exasperation.

CAPT: That’s Shroomy. My right hand man.
Shroomy: owie
CAPT: Even though he’s a lefty. Pretty much sums him up.

Panel 3: From behind Sparky looking into the room. He’s leaned up against the door frame. Beyond him is their dorm room. It looks and smells like you’d expect a dorm room to smell. Shroomy is inside stuffing things into his backpack. Sparky is picking his nails.

Shroomy: How big?
Sparky: Hmmmm, Dodge shadow big.
Shroomy: Biggest yet.

Panel 4: CU of the inside of Shroomy’s bag. There’s a flashlight, sketch pad, twinkies, sodas, and a conspiracy theory book.

Shroomy: I wonder, Mars? They’ve been spying on us for over a millennia.
Sparky: Pffffttt! Earth? Weather ballon??

Panel 5: Shroomy pulling the door shut yelling off panel to the left. The door is number 317.

Shroomy: Fuck you!! 20 sack says we find an ET!

PAGE #4 4 Panels

Panel 1: Sparky and Shroomy walking across campus all business.

CAPT: Me and my buddies we handle any and all weird shit in Delhionta.

Panel 2: CHUCK joins them and gives Sparky the pound without Sparky turning toward him. Chucks fist is on top. Sparky and Chuck are twins. They look physically the same just different hair. Chuck is in cut-off camos and a t-shirt.

CAPT: It’s not like you see in Scooby-Doo though. I wish. Well maybe not. I look horrible in a neckerchief.
CAPT: Don’t Ask.

Panel 3: Them from behind and above. Kind of a long aerial shot. Sparky is returning the pound. Looming up in front of them is the edge of the forest that surrounds campus. There is a figure at the tree line. There are some elements of campus behind them. The end of a parking lot or a path or a couple buildings, just something to demonstrate them leaving campus.

CAPT: Plus, it’d be annoying dealing with an out of control Great Dane with a speech impediment.

Panel 4: SMOKEY in a tizz. He’s got dreads and is dressed in a golf shirt tucked into a pair of cargo shorts. He’s pointing at his watch. Sparky has a thumb jerked towards Shroomy Chuck does the DX point from the other side of Shroomy who just gives a weak wave.

Smokey: The FUCK?!?!
CAPT: It’s hard enough wrangling Shroomy.


The boys are cutting through the forest. The top of the page is the top of the trees. Break the dialog into three segments; 1) The tops of the trees 2) Mid-trunk 3) The boys cutting through the trees.

1) Shroomy: Spark, how far in?
Sparky: A ways.

2) Chuck: A ways?
Smokey: Yeah. How the fuck far is “a ways”?
Shroomy: The fucks that even mean?

3) Sparky: It means a mile and a half.
Sparky: Fatass.
Sparky: Maybe more.
Sparky: It means we’ll be there when we get to the smoldering crater.
Shroomy: (stuffing face) Pffffttt, fuckin’ not even that fat.

PAGE #6 6 Panels

Panel 1: From up high looking down into the smoldering crater. We see the charred wreckage of the ham tin. The hatch has been blown. There are tracks heading up the opposite side, maybe even some pig butt exiting up and over the lip of the crater.

Panel 2: Looking up at the crater from the bottom. Porky is sliding down on his ass. He is almost at the bottom. He’s about to go out of frame.

Panel 3: Same Comp. Porky is out of frame.

SFX: Sqplosh.
Porky: (o/p) Uhhukh.

Panel 4: Same Comp. Porky sat up into the frame. He is rubbing a thick slime in one hoof and scanning it with the other.

Porky: This mucous seems strangely familiar.

Panel 5: Closer in on Porky sniffing the slime.

Panel 6: Porky looking up startled.

Shroomy: (o/p) HOLY GOAT SCROAT!!

PAGE #7 5 Panels

Panel 1: The boys are entering from the left of the panel. Porky is on the extreme right, pointing his scanner threateningly in a kung-fu pose. Shroomy is mid-panel, jumping up and down pointing at Porky. His back is to us and he’s facing the crew.

Shroomy: Suck it Sparks!! You can seriously eat my ass!

Panel 2: Smokey has walked up to Porky and offered his hand. Shroomy is in the background poking Sparky in the chest. Sparky has his arms crossed and is giving Shroomy a “Knock it off asshole” look. Porky is maybe waist high on Smokey.

Smokey: So, uh, welcome to earth.
Smokey: I guess.
Smokey: Are you OK?

Panel 3: From Porky’s POV. His scanner looks like a GameBoy Advance but with two screens. The top screen is a scanned version of Smokey. The bottom screen reads, “Earthling. Species: Homo Sapiens Status: Mostly Harmless”

Smokey: So, do you have a name?

Panel 4: In the foreground a two-shot of Porky and Smokey. Porky snaps his scanner shut. He has a fairly smug look on his face. Chuck is stopping Sparky from slugging Shroomy in the background.

Porky: To pronounce it properly you would need the ability to lick your own brain stem.
Smokey: We’ll just call you Porky then.
Porky: Fine. I come from a planet called Po-Kip-C in the Porq Galaxy. I am on a mission to find The Unit… (Continued)

Panel 5: Shroomy, Sparky and Chuck are in a melee. Shroomy has Chuck in a headlock, Chuck is biting Sparky’s leg and Sparky is punching Shroomy.

Porky: (o/p)(continued) …clearly this is the wrong planet. I must depart as soon as my ship is repaired.
Smokey: (o/p) May I see the specs for it?