View Full Version : 3D Stereoscopic Photo References

04-29-2013, 06:48 AM
Hello, there!
Ever wanted to draw something but wasn't exactly sure how? Let's put an end to situations like this.

For the past several years, I was helping artists by providing them photo references in hiqh resolutions, so they can see human anatomy in details.
But now, I've decided it's time for next step: 3D Stereoscopic Photo References. With thes, you can draw your artwork while looking at the photo that looks like a real 3D object. Just like 3D movies in cinemas. In other words, drawing is easier once again.

Download 3D Stereoscopic References (http://photo-reference-for-comic-artists.com/)

http://data.pixia.cz/comic/3d-references.jpg (http://photo-reference-for-comic-artists.com/)