View Full Version : Looking for a decent Wacom tablet

DJ Keawekane
02-05-2013, 05:59 AM
Decently priced anyways. Basically I want something better than the bamboo I have now. It's clumsy and it's near impossible to draw anything without me getting frustrated. What do you guys suggest? I want to be able to draw or sketch and do some coloring and flatting with too.

Duane Korslund
02-05-2013, 08:30 AM
I had a bamboo for a long time...it takes some time, but after a lot of practice you get used to it and can draw pretty decently on it. I got to the point where I didnt have any problems at all.
I then moved on to a Hanvon Sentip, which is a wacom cintiq knock off from over seas. From what I've heard the two are VERY similiar so I can tell you...having this quality of tablet is a mixed blessing.
Its AMAZING to draw right on the screen. Makes it tons helpful! I think if you plan on penciling or inking only...having a cintiq or sentip is awesome. Coloring seems to be a problem because it changes your display on your pc/laptop, so the colors dont seem to exactly jive 100%. Airbrushing seems to come out a little funky. IMO the bamboo worked WAY better for coloring since it didnt change your screen resolution.
Another issue with the Cintiq style is portability. The bamboo and intuos tablets are just a usb connection....no fuss, no muss....the cintiq style tablets come with all kinds of crazy crap attached. You have a control box with several cables that attach to your pc/laptop so portability really sucks.
The next step up from Bamboo is Intuos...check those out if you want a little bit of an upgrade...I think they have more points of pressure and larger surface area, otherwise basically the same concept.

02-05-2013, 01:18 PM
If you know a student, you can get a slight discount when you buy a Wacom tablet... Or, maybe check out EBay?

I tested a Cintiq while in-house artist; it's great, but still too expensive for me. Maybe sometime in the future. :)

I've been working with Wacom tablets for years, whether in-house or at home, so I can't say much about any of the other cheaper or knock-off tablets and their quality...however, I still do most of my preliminary sketching traditionally (I love my graphite and blue pencils) regardless. But I'll do clean-up and revisions in Photoshop with various custom brushes that have a pencil-like effect using my Intuos -- I'd definitely recommend getting that as your next step up from Bamboo.

BTW, in case you don't have already, here is one PS brush set (Goros), that I use: http://www.area-56.de/_area56_data/tutorials.html

DJ Keawekane
02-07-2013, 06:43 AM
Thanks guys. I think I'm gonna go with an intuos next. A cintiq would be ideal but the cost ugh! not happening.

03-15-2013, 01:07 AM
Check out Monoprice Tablets:


I've had a few artist friends switch to this and they said it's just as good as the intuos. and heck, at 50 dollars for the medium sized one you can't lose.